Uncertainty and Heaven

“Men fears uncertainty. Death is an uncertainty. Thus men fears death. And because of that, the concept of heaven was born. Promising everyone an eternal life for as long as you honor and have faith in God and his commands, love your brothers, honor your elders, do good, stay away from harm and give while you can.
But men being men, are mischievous.
And because men are born from God, and God loves all his children, the concept of confession, forgiveness of sins and penance was born. So men could redeem themselves and the promise of heaven, kept alive.
But does heaven exist to keep men’s faith worthwhile?
In our midst are those who believes that keeping faith squares off sins because God is all forgiving. While the uncertain bribes their way out, embellishing the altar and temples with gold, pampering their pastors, and retire as gatekeepers in full service with God.
And so with all their might, they prayed.
To keep the concept of Heaven alive, to keep their fear of death subdued, whilst drenching Mother Earth with the blood of martyrs, and keeping the destitute , the marginalized and dejected away from holy ground.”

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