54 responses to “common lingo

  1. Fun and interesting poem. Actually, we do have the ability to communicate with animals, as has been shown time and again. I especially like snakes who begin to appear to me several months before I moved to a house in front of the floresta. They told me they would protect me and teach me how to communicate with life in the floresta. Since that day, I have had some very interesting encounters with snakes here as well as the other beings of nature. Thanks for your visit. I look forward to knowing more of your poetry. Hugs, pat

  2. Interesting take. One of the gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi tells the Garden of Eden from the viewpoint of the serpent.
    Nice to see you again with your new blog layout.

  3. She was a witch from Harry Potter;s world…that apart a valid question asked…maybe because she let herself be persuaded by the serpent and Adam simply got tempted by her.

    • hohoho yousei- evolution in writing as per subject or style? gee, i really dont know apart from the rejuvenation that i can feel inside hmmm… thank you for coming by yousei..

  4. Oh that Eve was a clever gal,,, you gotta love her for the situation she got us in…

    Clever & witty verse– as always love visiting here.

    welcome back,


  5. One language untill the tower of Babble. But now that you bring it up; a talking snake and a talking jack ass. Many Eves have referred to men by both references.

  6. but of course. Man and beasts were friends. Man used to have them as sole company ’till he asked for one that looked like him. He felt lonely, alone. This explains why we spend our lives waiting and hoping for our other half, we feel incomplete 🙂

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