a roar to mankind

contaminated      earth

polluted    sea

a  pocket   in   the   sky

whatever  for?


mother earth  is  dying

children    are     crying

no  man  is   breathing

are  you  still   smiling?




83 responses to “a roar to mankind

  1. Sad to see the world fail to recover from the immense negativity that is befalling it. I am a big fan of salvation and believe it won’t be long. Well done.

    Psst, hey! the cartoon you is so cool. lol


    • haha thanks ibok! salvation? maybe it wont be long but when it comes, what are we to tell god? man has a tendency to make mistakes ever since our first hero ate the apple? haha!

  2. at least more and more people are becoming aware. unfortunately, the people who are aware are too compassionate and aren’t willing to do what needs to be done. the future generations will suffer, and will have to do the ugly deeds too.

  3. wonderfully expressed, intense thinker your poem is. yes…I am still smiling for there are two truths. one is that there is still beauty in this world and as long as we can still find it there is still hope.
    but your poem speaks the other truth as well 😦

  4. I have great faith that there is great change going on around the world. There is still much to do but thousands are awakening and working toward a peaceful, loving world. Thanks for your view…it is not wrong, but it will soon be a thing of the past. Hugs, pat

  5. I have seen psychic art of Gaia suffering from pollution. The lay lines of earth are attached to her heart. She does not have any more love to give to keep us healthy. We have to clean up.

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