52 responses to “long road

  1. YES! Insight and wise poem

    I wish I would have understood that philosophic sage understanding when I was a young woman, then perhaps well maybe the road would have been short sweet and free, instead of the long way around to discovery.


  2. Life is the largest university we will ever attend. Ever decision a lesson to learn. But we were given each other but who do I trust?

    I think we have all been there or will be there.

  3. That’s true what you wrote–relationships can be a long road but we should never give our truth up for someone else–otherwise relationships can be a very short road! 🙂

  4. Very elegant expression of the importance of staying youself in a relationship and I particularly liked the idea that if your significant other wants to ‘imprison’ half of you, half of the other must stay in jail too as the jailer!

  5. so true! we too often stay with someone because we fall in love with the idea of changing them into the person we want them to be instead of loving the person they actually are.

  6. This is an interesting poem with clever wording 😀

    Why do people strive so hard to change others, when really we ought to change only ourselves, when and IF we want to change…or with some very gentle prompting…haha

  7. Being in relationship itself is very complicated.. And u have depicted that very nicely in this post 🙂 So anyone wants to get complicated get on to one …

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