Artistic Worth

“There is no level to measure one’s artistic skill and therefore artistic worth is rampant across the board. Artistic worth is not about imagination and skill alone. Imagination and skill are only crucial in art contests. Artistic worth also leans on consistency, productivity, title creativity, oratory skills, deportment and realistic pricing. And when all these points are kept in check, one’s artistic worth gradually heightens just as one’s reputation increases. Leave fame alone. Fame can be subtly promoted by your close association with the right people, or it can be controlled by market forces. Unusual market forces rarely if ever, thought artistic worth matters, as much as we like them to be. Unusual market forces are frequently moved by greed manipulated by speculators. Bankability without recognizing what artistic worth is sadly resonates better with them. That doesn’t count if one wants to judge the true artistic worth of each artist.”

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