Happiest Painter on Earth

“Picasso is the happiest painter on earth. And rightfully so. He draws directly onto the canvas so most of the time he forgets to leave enough room for legs hence shorter legs, restricted by canvas space, being compensated with large pulverized feet. His lines are thick and strong but seldom is it of controlled width. His figures are heavily contorted, almost yogic but many a time augmented, sometimes regimented. He paints haphazardly so he could finish quick and as a result, his facial features are never symmetrical, sometimes plastered together and some poor heads can appear merged like conjoined twins. He prefers to paint over what he doesn’t want, another design, another new coat of paint, then whatever, and another, and another till he is contented. So at certain times, noses does end up looking like phalluses. And everytime you see a shadow lurking at a corner or a man appearing on his canvas, almost always it is he haunting himself. Amazing this man is. Ironically he always gets it right. That’s why he said “Learn the riles like a pro, so you can break then like an artist”.

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