women are like fruits

Women are  like  fruits.  If  you  like  them,  you’d  have  to  climb  up  trees  or

find ways to pick them  down.  They  don’t  just  drop  down  unless  they  are

over ripe or they have been attacked by fruit  bats.  They  come  in  all  colors,

shapes and sizes but they are sweet. Ya, I  mean  most  of  them  are  sweet

lest  you  pluck  them  too  young  or  that  you  are  destined  for   lemons   or

grapefruits. But not all fruits grow on trees. There are  those  that  sprouts  in

bunches on shrubs and there are those which curls in thorny twines as  well

but for the very very lazy  ones  who  thought  it  cumbersome  to  climb  trees,

mother nature had some made to appease them. They are the ones that are

readily available and sits on the soil surface. They are the one  person  can’t

eat all type. One is thorny, sourish with rough  skins  so  tedious  to  cut  and

the  other  is  smooth,  thick  skinned,  fleshy,  juicy  but   rotund  like   a   ball.

Pineapples and water melons we called them. Still, they are sweet.




2 responses to “women are like fruits

  1. I hope I am the kind of gal that is sweet like candy – rather then a prickly cactus.
    anyway I enjoyed the reading the comparison’s

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