Ah Huat and the Englishman

Ah Huat and an Englishman were asked to make a sentence using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10. then back again in reverse fashion to 1.

The Englishman tried very hard but could not do it. Then the Englishman turned to Ah Huat and very confidently said, “If I cannot do this, I am very sure that this would be way beyond your ability.”

Ah Huat thought for a while and this was what he came up with…………

1 day I went 2 climb a 3 outside a house to peep. The couple in the house saw me. So, I panic and 4 down. The man rushed out and wanted to 5 with me. I ran until I fell 6 and threw up. So, I ran into a 7-eleven and grabbed some 8 to throw at him. Then I took a 9 and tried to stab at him. 10 God he ran away.

10, I put the 9 back and paid for the 8 and left 7-eleven. Next day I called my boss and told him I was 6. He said 5 , tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work. He also asked me to go and climb a 3 and jump down! I don’t understand. I am so nice 2 him but I don’t know what he 1.

The Englishman fainted!

(Author Unknown)

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