you inspired me

to walk the path with you

you exuded

a zest quite unlike others

you are cute

ever more so vulnerable

when gushed

with overwhelming pride

as you rubbed

your conservativeness

all over me

I love unconventionality

you inspired me

and thought me worthy


let us walked on..




42 responses to “inspired

  1. I like the imagery here. I can see you two walking hand in hand just talking away in you own world. Really lovely piece 🙂

  2. Loved the bit about ‘rubbing your conservativeness all over me’. Sounds kinda naughty in a way!! Your poems are always interesting in their use of phrase.

  3. this is really great. love that you used the word gushed… awesome. thank you for the nice comment on my poem and i am glad you did so that i have discovered your page.

  4. Beautiful use of words here and I love the style. Thanks for taking time out to comment on my poem.. I shall return here again:>)

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