Failed Mathematics

“They cheered for the fishermen, yet none of these victory march protesters has ever stepped foot near that village and beach before, nor when the discussion was going on before the decision was made. Public engagement was open, but they prefer to wallow in their own forum and follow their leaders, gerakan stalwarts formed under the guise of ngos who thought they could cripple dap in the name of conservation, by stirring a non-issue when in reality, the family of these fishermen no longer finds a promising future basking under that windy tide.

As a Malay centered township, it would be shallow thinking to even suggest that these inhabitants weren’t engaged to help improve their living conditions, nor were they denied provisions to learn and earn et al. And it is indeed a tragedy that ngos would use their plight to justify their need to preserve that catchment. Besides, the current government did not deny them their right of earning, even when judging according to today’s standard, their occupation is no longer sustainable. But if they have decided to stay put in that catchment, but deny the progress that would benefit their village in the long term such as connectivity to the city, and added value to their property, that has far reaching consequences and an oversight.

It is sad but true, but many of their younger generations prefer to be grab drivers instead. And no wedding planners has ever considered that part of the island to be an ideal shooting location. The access since sixty years ago was long and winding no thanks to the bn government who did nothing to improve their livelihood except blurting our empty promises. Thus their current state of affairs. And btw, do any of these protesters at the last count knew exactly how many of these fishermen are still making a living combing the sea? 200? No. It’s hardly 10 percent. Their catch hardly feeds the inhabitants of their own village. One can trust their so-called ngos to keep the statistics tucked under their arms. And then blame their dwindling catch to the circumstances plaguing the sea, when the truth is, none of them wanted to be a fishermen anymore than you do. On a lighter note, why be a fishermen when all the politicians drives a Vellfires?

The ngos may cry victory of sweetness, then beat their behind and leave that place under the care of father sun, whilst these fishermen’s scorch their skins and suffer, so they could all have their little cheap thrills once in awhile penetrating the area with camera crews in the name of conservation.

And the biggest loser? The villagers not forgetting the people of Penang. Because if their standard of living did not change years down the road whilst yours is way ahead in terms of invincibility, remember this day which says so much of your careless character and selfish motives. Besides, there is not enough heightened activity and inhabitants to justify the need to build the costly link. In all goodness, the current government is trying to help them unlock the full potential of their village besides uplifting their standard of living. And if anyone would suggest that this is a political ploy, think about the humongous budget that one needs to raise when really, they could unlock it elsewhere with lesser budget.

And so what we have here are political parties cloaking as ngos and Malay supremacists back saddling the ngos questioning the sincerity of a dap led government. That’s what it is. Using marine life and it’s survival as excuse. So much for Merdeka and what it means.”

Government Tango

“I would love that we could all tango from stages 1 to 2 or stages 2 to 4 but not during a time when the statistics deteriorate so badly 20 months into lockdown. And children’s are now rushed to school by October just because their first 100 days grand plan say so. Whatever that can be done then to prioritise children so that they do not need to waste two years of the lives idling has fallen onto deaf ears because our ministers thought their lives are far more important than these vulnerable children’s. Therefore they were all and I mean in totality, 70 ministers who received their two jabs first even before the frontliners does but claims to put our interests above theirs. And so is the idea of a strict lockdowns for 2 months being overruled by economic concerns of their cronies. And with the delta variant now running haywire in the streets, suddenly they decided to allow cinemas and hotels to operate. Fine. I have no problem with that for a long as the patrons and operators have all completed their jabs, but so must all the other types of business be allowed to operate and patronise only by those who have completed their jabs! The situation we have right now is that businesses in enclosed areas are allowed to open but banks still restrict users and gyms are not allowed. How different are they? And those foreign workers whom have not completed their vaccinations are roaming everywhere preparing and delivering food.

And why the restrictions on interstate travelling when you are so prepared to reinfect people from the same state by opening up touristy businesses? You mean your daily statistics as reported doesn’t add up our country as a whole, and that state borders are still manned by personnel’s to check on permits for parents visiting families or children that they are all required to reinfect themselves standing in line at police stations to seek permits?

To cut it short, our ministers all seem to suffer from post mental siege not helped by the lurking virus they thought it fine to legalise corruption side by side by pardoning corrupters and blaming individuals on the streets who committed suicide on drug taking. What? I am sorry but why don’t they ask themselves where these poor people find spare cash to purchase drugs when they don’t even have enough to buy food therefore they decided to dive down buildings while many others raised white flags that you clearly bar, and why is the drug problem persistently menacing after 6 decades of nation building? No will to correct the system?

Money and the thought of getting rich is the root of all evil and the mother of how corruption came about made worse by a government who succumbed. They seem to think it ok to drive into the minds of our children to follow in their footsteps while ironically making compulsory religious and moral studies in schools. And for as long as they are not the ones who eat sour bread or instant noodles, they are fine.

Well, the whole country is not fine when the biggest crooks in the history of mankind has direct access to the prime ministers office and government investiture ceremonies insisting they be made national economic recovery advisers. And it is certain not fine when the government changes and ran independently, indignant to the wishes of the rakyat. And it is not fine to admit defeat to a virus we could jolly well contain right from the beginning if not for the power tussle and billions spent to achieve herd immunity. These defeatist attitudes are certainly not welcoming nor are they putting our country at the forefront of disease control. What sort of messages are they prepared to send 100 days later? That corruption is also fine and it is here to stay?

Go F off!”

Cabinetmakers Terms

“Some of us may have noticed that governments of the day seems to have an obsession, preference and attachment towards cabinetmakers terms, when describing Parliamentary placings and positions of these elected members who ran our country.

Words like ‘chairs’, as in chairman (now chairperson), ‘seats’, as in the seats of Parliament, ‘bench’, as in back-benchers, ‘Secretary’~ (which comes from the french word Secrétaire meaning a form of enclosed writing desk), as administrative arm of the different portfolios, a ‘secretariat’ which is a permanent administrative office of a department, and lastly, ‘cabinet’, as in the committee of senior ministers responsible for controlling government policy.

This is so because until the medieval era, castles are devoid of furniture and thus it was the usual formality to greet and be greeted, and to grant audiences and discussions standing.

When chairs made their appearance in the 18th century, they were a luxury. They weren’t mass produced like today and thus, not everyone could afford the comforts made by the ébéniste and menuisiers, the two components of cabinet making which decides the shapes, designs and functions of these furnitures. These cabinet makers were very much celebrities and respected people of the courts. And thus, especially chairs, they are reserved only for those in power, and the people who could afford to commission them. And orders were usually piled up to the brim and may take years to have them delivered.

Therefore to be offered a seat, means you are a deserving privileged, someone worthy of respect.
Hence this obsession carried on, with these terms handed down through generations of those who were vying for these seats of power. And above this are the ‘Rulers’- the instrument used for sizing and measuring furnitures.

Vote of Confidence after appointment?

“Our YDPA has already officially appointed our PM and endorsed the cabinet of our PMs choice. So why do YDPA still insist on a vote a confidence in Parliament for when he has already chosen who he wanted?

If YDPA is concern about protocol, then YDPA should by right heed our constitution, or take the trouble to read it, and let the MPs determine the PM in Parliament, which till the last minute, was but a speculation? Why is YDPA acting on hearsay?

There were lots of claims then, but no one indeed knows the actual score. Thus our YDPA should allow Parliament to take its course, which is the rightful way. Not by statutory declaration that till today no one gets to view them!

And did YDPA verify if it was provided in the constitution of these coalitions, that they are allowed to tie the knot with any party they want, at anytime they choose to, even at the last minute just to make numbers? In the first place, are these MPs acting in a preposition the rakyat is comfortable with? And that each of them are not contravening their sworn oath as expressed in the sixth schedule? Because if they are, why didn’t Parliament plug this loophole long ago? Why allow loopholes to exist still? And why allow and validate a last minute coalition?

Well, it is ironical our YDPA doesn’t know all this. After all he is the all knowing and all wise. And even more ironical is that YDPA wasn’t correctly advised. It is treason for telling lies or misleading the Agong.

Perhaps a better question to ask would be, what was YDPA’s reason for putting the cart before the horse and allow the situations to reverse? And then conveniently seek the endorsement from Parliament?

Because by right, in the constitution, the Agong is the endorser. Not the MPs.”

Fark the MM2H Policy

“Fark the MM2H policy. Fark Rais Yatim. Let them all go home. What can we expect from senior citizens residing in our country? Contribute to our economy? Fark you No. Contribute to more immaculate conception yes! You think they flood your ckt stalls more than bars? And taking advantage of our laws to benefit them? Why should they be given privileges we as citizens were deprived of- like tax free cars and contribute to the increase in prices of household goods especially houses we as citizens can’t even afford in our lifetime.
Why should we pamper our rouge developers who builds houses with them in mind? Then leave as and when they want by just beating their backside? Maybe Rais Yatim has a use for all the women he brought in. Other than that, just tell him to shaft the law up his arse. They are Lopsided laws and should be corrected!
Don’t worry about housing prices. Malaysians are greedy. Prices will autocorrect soon enough! And 30k worth of properties is really nothing.”

Bad Fengshui

Do you know what’s wrong with Anwar Ibrahim’s logo? It’s bad for fengshui.
Look carefully.
It’s a stylised image of a headless man with hands holding onto his backside.
Without a head, can he ever be a prime minister? Leaders uses their heads to think. Here, he is without a head.
That is point number 1.
Point number 2, why must a leader’s hand be touching his own backside meaning shit or fart? Should he continually be touching shit? Or in another light, can a man carry himself? No. No man can ever carry himself.
Point number 3, a leader must be seen standing. On this logo, he is sitting, not the posture of a leader.
Point number 4, he is sitting but facing left, rather than right. A leader must always be seen to be right therefore he must face the right. Not left.
Point number 5, the white arrow that resembles the hands of a man holding his backside is actually designed in the shape of a thunderbolt striking him.
It is also in the shape of the smoke from an airplane which is struck and dives down. Whichever way you look at it, he is dead. Whether through the thunderbolt zapping him, or the dived down plane.
Point number 6, the four black and white triangles as seen from the logo represents death. And four signifies death. Beit pointing up, pointing down or pointing right as seen. As for the colours of the triangle, black represent dark or night, and white represents light or day. That means he won’t achieve his goal, beit night or day.
That is why in Chinese mysticism and fengshui, Anwar Ibrahim will never ever be a prime minister, if he continues using this logo.
It’s a nicely designed logo no doubt. But bad for his fengshui. Very very bad in fact.
Take that away from him.
No offence to the logo designer.
Kris Lee 2021.
#AnwarIbrahim #Anwar #datoserianwar #datoserianwaribrahim

Now Mask, Later Helmet

“Now mask. Later helmet. Then, full body suit. The whole world is held hostage to feed the virus and vaccine innovators and producers. Just when we try to overcome one strain, they release newer strains, so that we would be consistently fed fear and crippled. That’s how they corner the world market, at the same time, crippling their enemies economy by spreading hate statements and supporting terrorism. By right, they should be tried for genocide.
It’s a biological warfare going on out there, all because someone tries to regain a grip on the world’s economy. When they have nothing left which is good to sell.”

Hannah Potter

“No Hannah, childrens issues goes into the unity and social development ministry. If not, park them with the education ministry. No separate children’s ministry for me sorry. If you feel childrens welfare are slighted, then named it the unity, children and social development ministry. Before that could happen, that thought of yours that women are better in handling children has to stop. Many men are good with children too, and the priority here is to appoint a capable minister whatever their sex may be who can look into the issues pertaining children unless if it is Harry Potter, and not Hannah potter in charge.”

Cows Come Home

“Some people can whine till the cows come home when things didn’t turn out to be what they expect it to be, but has no sense of social responsibility. They pushed their concerns to others, and thought it is others duty to take care of the world, whilst they happily takes care of themselves. Don’t they know that it’s people like them who chooses not to do anything whilst they can which is why, how and where we are in the state we are in today?

Counting the days when they are younger and more capable then, they have conveniently forgotten to stand up for our rights when they should by right fight, so that we can at least appreciate them for trying their best to fix the wrong, and doing something right for our sake.

Instead, I see them now trying to lecture us on their brand of living, telling us to give up the fight, that it is a lost cause. It is people like lky, who held on to his belief, breathing down tunku’s neck and tell him we are on the wrong direction before he was sacked, who deserves the salutation. It was him with David marshall alongside others who helped us gain Malaya’s independence. It is people like them whom after a century or so, who could tilt their gaze high and said they have tried, and did not become someone else’s useless forefather. Unlike those whom when they had the chance to speak, to help, to contribute, to stand up and be counted, and has the strength and civic morality to make it good again, did not, and chose not to sacrifice nor volunteer, nor being a part of, but went about chasing their own dream, oblivion to the state we are in.

So it’s not about what they know that we don’t know. In fact we know better than them who sits and watch the world go by and complain when others suck dry our country. And complain yet again when their salary is high. It is about what they did not do, that now, we are trying to deal with, to get it done. If I may be so unkind, since they can’t help, tell them to stop circulating their ‘I told you so’ hypothesis and wrap up their fearful tendencies within the comforts of their blanket. Sleep with it. Sweep it under their carpet of should do’s but did not. And hide their perpetually selfishness.

Stop listening to people like this. If I may I regard people like this as useless variants of society. More deadly than Covid-19.”

No Unity Government

“No Ambiga, no unity government for me sorry. A government does not get anymore dangerous than one without an opposition sorry.

Our judiciary, national security, education and health departments, these are bodies that should be independent. Why aren’t they? So is our MACC. What we have now here are ministers so powerful, they could walk freely anywhere and do whatever they want by the wave of their name tags. Without the opposition, they’ll collate to break our bank. I’m serious. Like what happen during our last emergency. So, you must be kidding me by putting in a petition for change.

What you see in the US, UK, Korea, elsewhere in the world, is also not called a unity government. So is Singapore. There must always be a split in-between~ a fact checker who calls themselves the opposition, the backbencher, you name it.
In the US, they call themselves the democrats and the republicans. In the UK, the liberals and the conservatives. In the Middle East, the fundamental and the liberal Muslims. It’s still the ruling government and opposition in Singapore. No difference from ours.
When elections come by, the citizens is still forced to choose between either one.

What we need is not a unity government, but a serious law review, and a lifespan for every bill if you consider the latest spat involving the election of our Pm intolerable.

It’s a childish proposal. Not like I want to complain .”

Unholy Nuptial

“It’s an unholy matrimony, if a nuptial is formed between ph and pn. Especially if ph were to start accepting cabinet positions. Because once tied, it becomes shared responsibility, with both sides bearing the blame if things go terribly wrong. Like dismissing court charges for example?
I consider it utterly impossible, yet brilliant, if the power hungry mob squad of umno through their supreme council, makes space for the opposition to helm senior positions. Because if they do, that’ll make ph an accessory to every evil plot of theirs which ph can’t publicly reject, for fear of offending the will of our Agong. It will definitely be evil because it’s now or never , since it is only for these two years or so that umno holds onto power, before ge15 knocks on the door.
If their offer to ph is only in the national recovery plan for Covid, let it be known that it shouldn’t at any time, be set up under the purview of one particular ministry. It should be isolated~ a special ministry with direct access to pm and funds. Otherwise no deal.
Everyone knows that this would be the final lap for umno ever, if the kleptocrats were to be dismissed from court charges, and everyone knows too that if Sabri doesn’t oblige them, it defeats the power grabbing circus moo just succumbed to. And if Sabri were to appease these kleptocrats knowing the retribution is going to be bad, they might as well bankrupt the whole nation because the chance will never come again.
And that seems very possible.”

Latest Script

“Moo is ready to take back the government right after our kleptocrats full scale assault on the pending court cases before ge15, consequentially resulting in the collapse of umno and possibly bankrupting our federal reserve’s since it is umno’s final lap on power. Told bersatu leaders to refrain from accepting positions inside umno’s cabinet if offered, so that bersatu’s image wouldn’t be harmed. His request was arguably opposed by Azmin and Hamzah who thought otherwise.
My questions are:
1) How sure is moo, right after a failed stint as leader of bersatu, be able to revive his own reputation as a delusional leader of a band of frogs?
2) And will Sabri still adhere to moo’s conditional support over his own party’s, one of which is to resist the kleptocrats hold on him?
3) How does this latest script fit into part of the Sheraton move’s ‘Sandiwara’ when it clearly ends with the kleptocrats untying the knots off their own court cases not unless moo reluctantly gave up his power?”

Do Not Advocate Fear

“Under Article 63 part 5, Privileges of Parliament, of our Federal Constitution, no person shall be liable to any proceedings in court in respect of anything said by him of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, when taking part in any proceedings of either House of Parliament or any committee thereof, except where he advocates the abolition of the constitutional position of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the Supreme Head of the Federation or the constitutional position of of the Ruler of a State, as the case may be.
What that means is the opposition can question and challenge the conduct and procedures of the entire election process of our pm if need be, with guaranteed immunity. (Same as the privileges in the State Legislative Assembly about their respective rulers under Article 72 part 5)
So please do not advocate fear.”

3 Royal Houses

“The 3 royal houses were very concern about the entire voting process which should begin with the MPs inside Parliament and ends with the Agong’s rubber stamp, therefore they abstain. They were startled when a simple voting process was reversed, no thanks to the ill-advice from both Haron brothers, which they knew was an intended blunder to gag the nation. They also knew it was the kleptocrats that puppeted all this, preferring a backdoor return, than to face the rakyat in a showdown through GE which they know, they will surely lose. And thus, these few royals washes off their hands, to put it on record, that they wanted no hands in the appointment of Sabri. Can you blame them?
Anyway, three out of nine does not stunt the quorum. They needed seven.”

Anwars Career

“Anwar’s political career came about not through Tun M.

I need to jerk up Tun’s memory.

Anwar was Umno youth chief then. Young, charismatic, eloquent. His grassroots was huge and they decided to ask him to try for Umno’s top position. Anwar didn’t. Anwar took his chances by challenging Ghafar Baba instead. Then, the school teacher deputy prime minister. Tun M loved Ghafar Baba because Ghafar Baba is loyal and echoes him. Tun M tried to stop Anwar from challenging Ghafar, because Tun thought Anwar dangerous and he was no pushover, and cannot be controlled. Moreover, Anwar had a large following. Anwar thought he can’t disappoint his grassroots. Tun M then, was scared of being unseated by this ambitious young man. Elections came and went, and quite unexpectedly, Anwar won over Ghafar Baba.

Tun M didn’t like it.

But by virtue of Anwar’s position as Umno deputy, Anwar was elevated to be the deputy prime minister. Because it was the tradition then.
Thus Tun M got no choice but to reluctantly elevate him.

Not like Anwar begged for it. He worked hard for it.

And the rest is history.”

Not Within His Ambit

“Our Agong’s primary duty is to endorse a candidate that has received the majority of votes in Parliament, to be our pm. The pm then chooses his own deputy as well as names his entire cabinet, again with the Agong’s endorsement. That’s all.
With due respect, It is not within the ambit of our Agong to dictate who our pm should be and how the choosing should be conducted. He acts on advice. And Parliament has its own set of rules.
For unity reasons, voting must be seen to be swift, open, and orderly. At all cost must we avoid factions, dissent, and suspicion from happening. That is the reason why MPs must congregate, vote, and make known the results straightaway in Parliament. With due respect, as it is, the Agong has been seen minding and fiddling, and the process now somehow reverses. Was he ill advised?
With the agong affirming the voting through sds, then again, interviewing the MPs who voted with the sds, before Parliament convenes, and again observing if the MPs still endorses the candidate they have chosen in their sd? What then is the basis and function of the statutory declaration (sd)?
If the Agong is not careful, he would be seen to be taking sides, if that pm chosen is not in tune to conventional wisdom which is exactly how certain factions crafted it in this manner, to gag the rakyat. And that, with due respect, dent wisdom.
When can, if we are allowed one request, can the rakyat and MPs get to view each and every sd, to verify its authenticity?”


“Federal Constitution clearly stipulate that we must choose a candidate from a party which commands the majority of support in Parliament. That means it is dap. All this last minute gabungan carries no weight if these gabungan are not a registered political entity with the registrar of society, and even if they are, they could only be party specific registration, meaning only from those which originally form and tie themselves to the gabungan, the new ones not included, not unless their respective coalition constitution allows.
With due respect to YDPA, nothing in our law allows for an experimental unity government. That proposal itself is not in line with our federal constitution. And a government without opposition is most dangerous.”

Statutory Declaration

“If each MP is required to submit their own statutory declaration (sd) in secret, how would their own political party or affiliation know and confidently declare it was a unanimous decision? If it is unanimous, the sworn oath under sixth schedule of our federal constitution is already infringed. Moreover, the royal house has gagged announcements from each political party until the results is announced by our agong. (Clause 8 Agong’s letter) . Why is umno and pas giving reporters a field report of the outcome of their submission? Was it a collective submission? Also, why is former pm moo ‘ordering’ his 31 MPs to fully support Sabri? If they are, shouldn’t their sd’s be disqualified as well?”

Secret Ballot

“Secret balloting before Parliament convenes contravenes constitution!”

Because our federal constitution says so. And it is the duty of Dewan Rakyat to decide who the next pm should be. Not the agong. The agong acts only on advice and endorses. Agong is not voting. The MPs are voting, thus it must be inside Parliament. Balloting cannot happen outside Parliament. If not, it contravenes Constitution. If not, it would be perceived unclean by the loser. Doesn’t our speaker knows meeting procedures when after all, he is an election expert?
For those who doesn’t know the balloting process, let me explain this in simple language:
When all MPs are present and the session is called to order, the Speaker announces the agenda of the day.
Speaker then announces the resignation of our pm and his cabinet and Parliament dissolved.
The first (could be only) agenda begins- ‘The election for a new pm.’
Speaker seeks nominations from the floor with a condition that every nominee must be proposed and seconded.
Speaker collects their names and check if the nominees are qualified.
Speaker then announces the number and name of the candidates qualified.
Speaker then ask the floor present to choose between 1) secret ballot or 2) by show of hands.

If it is by secret ballot, Speaker issues papers to all the MPs and ask the MPs to write down their choice.
Speaker collects back the papers being assisted by volunteers from the floor.
Volunteers assist in the counting.
Speaker announces the outcome and the candidate with the most number of votes win.

If it is by show of hands, volunteers from the floor will be asked to assist the Speaker in the counting of each round of vote.
Each time the Speaker announces a name, those who endorses that nominee, puts up their hand.
The volunteers count.
Speaker tallies the number of votes each candidate receives.
Speaker announces the outcome and the candidate with the most number of votes win.

After the election process, Speaker will proceed to ask the floor if there are any objections to the election process? If not, there will be an adoption to propose voting session close. Again a proposer and seconder.

Session ends.

Pursuant to the letter issued by the speaker, clause no. 8 in correspondence to the nomination process outside Parliament raises far too many doubts because none of the MPs has privy to the results nor the sd’s, no privy to counting, thus can be rigged, the balloting process did not happen inside Parliament therefore unconstitutional, and each nomination paper has no proposer nor seconder, and no one knows exactly how many nominations were received in good faith.

This is a serious error by the speaker of the Dewan thus it must be urgently corrected.

End of Moo

As expected, the caretaker pm’s post remains with moo, very much like a corporate-style resignation, where you are not allowed to leave until a suitable replacement candidate is found. No one expects moo to hurriedly snoop out, especially after pressing the emergency bell thereby halting the lift, leaving the entire nation suspended in mid-air inside the shaft, so he could announce that he can shit. Perhaps, moo’s most indelible legacy is his bi-monthly open close open close policy which left the entire nation in concertina barb wire, and hanging became a no way out. With an army of bullfrogs, he has, throughout his brief stint, sabotaged a legitimate government, samba with the royals, twisted simple decrees, and finally taking a heinous turn towards treason. By right, moo should be awarded the most mischievous former teacher award sponsored by ‘Dennis the Menace School of Juvenile Delinquents’.

Now that our YDPA can properly dissolve Parliament and call for the formation of a new government with the appointment of a new pm, the rakyat must stay hopeful that the proposed next Parliamentary session is only a few weeks away, and not months till the vaccination is over. If not, moo will definitely leave more potholes behind while breaking the bank. And we hope that our YDPA will endorse our ‘most obvious choice’ because rightfully, that candidate must come from the party, not even coalition, that commands the most number of seats in Parliament, unless that coalition is a registered party. Nothing short of that. We should also pray for a fair election within the house, by show of hands rather than endorsement by secret balloting which could be grossly manipulated.

Looking back at our political scenario, an avalanche of changes could happen within a matter of hours. So, should our royals keep our rakyat guessing for too long? That also doesn’t bode well for our share market. If not, we may set yet another record number of Covid cases before they decided that once again, Parliament is unfit for voting.

Between now and then, we are expecting some serious insider trading that works in tandem with our daily share market. Way before they shout for a proposer and seconder. We should also be expecting some undesirable candidates submitting their names for consideration complete with proposer and seconder. And no one can deny their rights if they are constitutionally fit and able.

Interim Prime Minister?

“If moo throws in the towel today, since he no longer commands the confidence of the majority of members of the House of Representatives, moo by right shall tender the resignation of his cabinet before YDPA could dissolve Parliament. Only then can YDPA act in his discretion, the appointment of a new pm.

It is certainly arguable if YDPA, in the discharge of his duties, hands the key to kuli, whom many claims is non-partisan or independent, when truly, kuli was seen making his stance, standing freeze-framed besides Zahid and the rest of the umno stalwarts on national tv, when Zahid threw the gauntlet at moo, causing a constitutional crisis that saw the collapse of pn. Which is the reason for moo’s audience with the King.

Kuli has been and is still is, an umno loyalist and life member. Even if he is not, it is controversial that an independent whom naturally does not command the confidence of the majority in the House, be picked. Likewise, it is also incorrect if any umno members were chosen as pm, because umno is no longer part of the coalition that commands a simple majority, since umno has withdrew from pn. Lest they realigned.

In other words , the appointment of kuli or any other umno members for that matter, may be perceived as biased. If our constitution must be seen to be correct and forms the basis of our democracy as well as in the eyes of the public, then rightly, the appointment of a new pm should come from “a member of the House of Representatives who in his judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House”- Federal Constitution 43 (2) a.
Which means if YDPA suggests a name, Parliament must be seen to endorse it. If not, it goes on and on.

Not withstanding this, there is no provision in our constitution for the appointment of an interim pm. So the exercise of it could be interpreted as illegal. It also becomes dangerous if malfeasance, especially the exploitation of funds, is committed by an interim pm when there is no provision for it, and the appointment is illegal, therefore he cannot be charged, nor take accountability for his actions during his discharge of duties. Would our YDPA takes sole responsibility for the appointment then?

Any appointment that is associated with kuli or umno currently, is also seen to be the closing gap after the long sojourn beginning with Tun and the basis of the Sheraton Move, where power is supposedly handed back to umno, and to see them personally expunge themselves from all the charges in court. That is indeed a grave mistake and part of the deal which jib paid for. If that is the true colour of Malaysian politics, then everything is just a sandiwara. And cash is indeed king.

If this trying period is going to mark a new beginning for a new dawn in Malaysia, it is better we begin with the right foot, and make correct decisions, for the wrong foot will lead us back to square one. “

Missed A Point

“They missed a point. If ph doesn’t support moo’s round table move, chances are, moo will resort to handing his grip back to umno. Which he would, just to spite ph and retain pn. If that happens, the kleptocrats will move back into power and jib and Zahid will certainly make a come back most probably standing behind the curtains. That also means it is bad news for Tony, who would be in deep shit, and face the brunt , for landing them into so many court cases. Now it is clear what Tony’s concerns are. Read his lips. Tony himself will be in hot soup ‘if’ umno wants to be spiteful. And Tony couldn’t blurt this out to his comrades because it only involves him and a few others. So he has to face his brunt. Now we know why Tony wanted them all to go for the round table talk.”

What Goes Around Comes Around

“The rakyat thought it’s end of the game for moo. Really? The end? I don’t think so. Fact is, it’s just the beginning.

The latest proposal by moo as announced is that he is offering a by-partisan government. That of course is a clear admittance he no longer has the numbers to be running the government. That also means he still does not want to admit defeat but wants to cling on to power. At least until ge15 arrives which he promises will be held before July 2022. By then, 100% of the rakyat would have been inoculated from Covid. How do you think those numbers can help him? Well, it means his cabinet did a superb job. It also means he has more time to search for bed partners to ensure he still holds onto power.

A by-partisan government in his term means whomever is willing to work with him will ensure that he and his team still stays on as the government of the day, till the next election comes. It means he is still in power and in control. His offer to amend the constitution also means some political party, MPs and simpletons would agree to his anti-hopping law proposal. Though he himself is leading the biggest frog leaping party ever to happen in the history of Malaysian politics.

And worse come to the worse, to moo, if the main opposition ph doesn’t want to come to the round table, others may. Some frogs may. And all he needs is only a few seats to ensure he stays on in power. That means instead of him going around searching for frogs, he wants the frogs to leap to his round table meeting. He’ll sit and he’ll wait. There’s bound to be a few who would want to break up from their coalition. After all, he needs only a few seats to be back in business. From there, moo can pick his new team, or, offer newer positions to add on to his current 76. What’s a few more? And that’s the reason why moo offered a round table talk outside instead of the usual proper debate inside Parliament for his bipartisan government proposal.

If he wins, he buys time again because our federal constitution needs to be amended before he can form the by partisan government. There is no provision for it currently.

But say suppose if moo doesn’t have the numbers, he can easily turn tables, and give umno the steering wheel, just to spite the opposition or those who doesn’t want to cooperate. Which means moos team no longer controls pn but umno. That would also mean jib or Zahid may come back which of course is a fat chance or they will operate from behind the curtains. But the choice of who is going to be next or interim pm, rests with the agong. Not you, me or the MPs. No matter who we prefer, the choice still rests with the agong. If the agong installs the wrong pm, and installs jib for instance, will there will be a public outcry?

If there is, a public outcry, worse come to the worse, moo may just get back his job. See? He’s not down and out yet. He’s still buying time now till September. And his bi-partisan policy as according to his proposed amendment means if he loses his current status and hops to the opposition camp, he still maintains his perks equivalent to a senior minister. Which means he has nothing to lose. Nevermind his team. But is that agreeable with the rakyat? That our federal budget yearly should allocate for both sides irregardless of whether one forms the government or not? Or is he once again making concessions for his own loss, as if the rakyat is invisible and has no say in anything?

And cash is still king and cash buys power. Absolves all wrongdoings too! The entire Sheraton move comes to a closure once jib gets what he paid for.”

Open the Economy Now

“By now, all those who had received their 2nd dose plus the 14 days grace period to allow their immunity to develop should ‘all’ be allowed to lead a normal life, even to travel, albeit for family, work, exercise, relaxation, vacation, study or reopening their businesses. But every sector of the economy must be manned only by those who have had their second dosage taken. And patronised only by those who have completed their second dosage. Those who have not should not be let out of their house even, assisted by those who have eg, grocery shopping, or meals. As it is, we’re looking at two adults whom are fully vaccinated whilst their children’s stay home.

We must understand that even without herd immunity, as the numbers of those vaccinated increases by the day, they indeed have a better resistance against getting infected, and a better chance it won’t be severe as according to findings thus, they automatically behave as a human shield in larger crowds for those who had not taken the jab.

As for foreign travellers, those who have had taken their full doses should be allowed into our country so long as they have received the necessary clearances from their own country of origin, irregardless of the type of vaccine they were given. So please, do not be too eager to join in the sanction war that some countries got themselves into. Imposing more restrictions, collecting unnecessary fees reduces our competitiveness. Nevertheless, they should all still be quarantined as usual.

We shouldn’t restrict those of us who wanted to travel too. But when they come back, like the rest of the foreigners, they should all tow the line and be subjected to quarantine themselves. No special privileges given beit politicians, aristocrats , bourgeoisie or peasants. That’s all there is to it.

It’s a new day, it’s a new way, it’s a new life!” that we should be embracing. Do not make our life more sordid than it already has been.

My two cents I am sure not a lot of people would readily agree with me and you know why and where the problem lies?

The problem lies with fear.

The fear of a Covid explosion that could decimate them simply because the system fails to ensure adequate beds to prepare us for eventualities if we fall sick because for over half a century or so since independence, our government thought it more important to budget for religion than to emphasise healthcare, and they stunt the truly talented with quotas, leaving the system with half baked blokes who can’t tell the difference between their right and left foot! And because they lack foresight cos their eyes are all the time focused on other women’s hind-side, they didn’t think it important to stockpile on beds, on rooms, on equipments, things like that in cases of emergency to deal with a pandemic of this gargantuan nature.

That’s why!

Variants? Not variants! More like programmed strains released to their fancies until China bows to their requests. The way I see it, it is a never ending assault till they win their imagery control over the world economy failure of which they would lead us to another world war! They wanted China defeated that’s why the ganging up with g7 and sanctions to those whom did not use their vaccines. Now you guys get it?”

Fear Sells

“Years ago, we were all convinced that oats and wheat are good for our health. Much healthier and beneficial than rice. Rice consumption they say, turns carbohydrates into sugar in our bloodstreams and if we don’t burn them out, we will inherit diabetes. They produced scientific evidences to back their claim and although we are not disputing their findings, I do not know why the need to convince us that eating more wheats and oats can lower your cholesterol. Really? But I am a living testimony that it doesn’t work, although I do enjoy my morning cuppa for the last 40 years or so. Plain oats without sugar nor milk. And my cholesterol level did not come down. Not even budge a bit.
I was urged by friends to take medication. I didn’t. I just go about my daily living, eating things I like and enjoyed most and I was convinced that for as long as I am not excessive towards something, I am ok. I still hold on to that believe. Eat, drink, enjoy, and be happy.

Back then, cholesterol was an alien term, but it was alarming enough coming from their medical professionals, that excessively high cholesterol leads to stroke. Without explaining to us that there are two levels of cholesterol until the advent of the internet. Still, with so much information, the more we read about it, the more confusing it gets. But in our midst are certain self-made doctors who graduated from google university. And they are making tons of money sending chills down everyone’s spine to convince us to change our dietary habits because they claim to have the magic panacea- a fibre rich diet filled with proteins, vitamins and minerals that comes in handy packages, capsulised. They claim that all these supplements could help get us back on track and fight public enemy number one- ‘cholesterol’. It wasn’t long before everyone’s kitchen storage is filled with supplements of all kinds. Especially Vitamin C, fish oil, multivitamin, extra virgin coconut oil, shark cartilage?!!! What more, many made a beeline to get their blood tested for cholesterol at Pathlab and BP. And so, many did switch and plough their hard earned savings towards these supplements, forgetting that Asians were, then and now, still the longest living creature on earth. Many also forgot that we lived in a country abundant with natural food resources, therefore we are not short of a well-balanced diet. Many too didn’t understand the mechanics behind relieving us from our staple food. As consumption of rice went down, so are the need for paddy fields. At the same time, the demand for oats and wheat skyrocketed. So are their health supplement industry.

There were many other hypes after this, the list could go on and on. But in later years, as what we might expect, they released statements that subsequent findings show that cholesterol is as equally important to our health. Many private practitioners too, help dispel this myth that they created. We were warned then not to eat egg yolks, because they were the chief culprit towards cholesterol. And now we are back to eating eggs, without discarding the yolks. Wtf.

My point is this.

Fear sells.

Back then, we were sold fear.

Today, they instilled fear upon us about Covid, so that we again buy their products. But this time around, they became smarter. They sell their products from the top down. Not bottom up. They no longer need to engage agents to knock on our doors to canvas their products. With a super spreader deadly virus so acute that citizens drop like flies by mere inhaling, they compel governments to contain and arrest the virus. With a virus that could incapacitate us within weeks of getting into contact, they have yet again released their magic panacea. This time it is called ‘vaccine’. To flatten the curve also comes hosts of other ancillaries eg. face masks, hand sanitizers, temperature detectors, and medical equipments. They expected the whole world to cower to them over the vaccine they developed. Especially their primary target China with a huge population where the virus supposedly originated from. But that was not to be. And because of that, they lost heavily in sales. And they lose more because China, as the world’s most densely populated country, did not for once rely on their vaccine. China developed their own in a matter of weeks. If China would have acceded their request, these forces might have enough funds to contra off their debts owing to China. Other back breaking demands might also be lumped into the deal that may stunt China’s economic prowess. China did not hesitate to have the virus contained within weeks helped by stringent enforcement, and guess what? They could build makeshift hospitals within days. Not only that, China even donated vaccines to the lesser fortunate world. I believe this action offended them greatly. It’s no wonder that the internet has little sentiments nor do they sing praises over the effectiveness of Sinovac, sinopharm or cansino. Because these vaccines doesn’t bring them returns, they keep running them down.

Everybody knows that the internet is flushed with news of all kinds. Whilst layman got entertained, the clever opportunists uses it to market their products. And because most people are susceptible to believe in just about anything without questioning it’s merit, ivermectin has become overrated. So is Pfizer, moderna and AZ etc. In the veterinary world, ivermectin is used to treat worms and lice found on animals. Crocodiles, pigs, elephants or giraffes, you named it. The have ivermectins made for human consumption too. To kill lice as well. But as a cheap panacea to mutilate Covid, only they know. I don’t. Do you?

I am even more weary when public institutions such as KKM, WHO or CAP endorses it’s effectiveness. Don’t you? Simply because these bodies are also human driven, and they are as susceptible to their big bosses wishes just as everybody else in the commercial industry does. What’s worse, they too succumb to greed and pressure. Anything they say, whatever they have decided upon, are mostly driven by invisible hands that stokes the flame of gain and discordance. These institutions are, sad to say, marketing tools used by the silent stakeholders. And with this comes mistrust. We not only mistrust the vaccine, we mistrust the body that was put in charge, we mistrust the news, we mistrust our own government.

To put it simply, no one in their right mind would think of injecting some foreign liquid into their arms that has not gain clinical approval. That is fear number one. But all of us did. In response towards our governments call, in response towards our own fear of being bedridden. That is fear number two. Where ivermectin is concern, sorry but my naiveness got into the way. There are so many different types available in the market. So many grades, brands, size and dosage for ivermectin. So which one is the right one? And there are so many opportunists trying to make a buck or two preying on our vulnerability. Which one is trustworthy? I don’t know. And I am no doctor. This ain’t the world I used to be acquainted with.

So all I wanted to do now is to sit and wait.

And bump up the volume of my classical channel. To play safe rather than be sorry later waking up turning myself into a sorry sight of Mr. Hyde. The same way I did nothing to my cholesterol level. Because if it really works and if I am admitted, I believe that by then, our hospitals would have prescribed me ivermectin. Since many claimed that KKM has given the approval.

But you are free to make your own choice.“

Empty Syringes

“There is no way we can tell if the vaccine given us is original. Not unless their modus operandi is tight, secure and strict, and we were informed what to look out for before the needle goes into our arms. No one bothers and thought such advice necessary until videos showing recipients receiving empty syringes goes viral. Till today, only a handful of people knew the workings including but not limited to KKM, Pharmaniaga and KJ himself. Moreover, we learnt that they have a special deal with the vaccine producers. Our law requires the vaccines to be locally packed. That means the vaccines weren’t air-flown into our country in it’s original vials, but in cumbersome cubic tanks. As such, foul ups such as efficacy and contamination can be compromised if the refrigeration temperature is not closely monitored. That can occur anytime before, during or after the handling or packaging stages. Not forgetting the black marketeers who could have roped in his gang to swap the vaccines before, during or after the packaging or vaccination stage. Therefore, insisting that we should be shown the vials before the syringe goes into our arm does not guarantee that the vials wasn’t tampered with way before our appointment date. I hope you understand that. So, Good luck to you.
The latest news is, our local police is now trying to cripple the fake digital vaccine certificates racket. For whatever that could mean to someone holding it.”

Revamp Our Laws

Far beyond the controversies we are facing, it is now clear to us that our law is outdated and no longer works. There are too many loopholes therefore the Parliament impasse and frequent spat, and if you are a seasoned politician, you will know how to play to the audience. But how are we to get the laws updated if every single bill needs the endorsement of two thirds of majority of Parliamentary votes when there is no one political party, nor even a coalition, that commands two thirds of majority in the house?
If no government thought it serious enough to review these laws, with or without a two thirds majority, then, let’s just be contented and continue to live with a failed government for the rest of our lives no matter who or whichever party takes control. For these laws shall remain unshackled, courtesy of complacent bodies and a system that failed. Are we then to succumb ourselves to ride in a car that forever jerks? How long then can we reach First World status when others are already way ahead of us considering the constant mockery and heated debates we see in Parliament? Breaking house rules in Parliament also seems to be the norm now than making good progress.
It is now no longer an option for us to sweep this glaring problem under the carpet. It is obvious our laws needed reviewing and regular updates, as frequently as the apps living inside our mobile phones. Because when laws are stunted lest two thirds of 220 Parliament votes are achieved to pass a bill, then, our laws are as good as dead.
It is amusing we are still guided by the many laws which are of bullock cart age, many that was written by the Crown, as well as the minuscule fines, compounds, and punishments meted out in the Penal Code. Then there is the Election Laws that causes way too much discomfort alongside biased laws that protects certain people, certain quarters, and certain tribe. Properties were illegally acquired through the abuse of the Land Acquisition Act. How about those that gave blanketing powers to menteri besars and chief ministers to overrule decisions not forgetting laws that empower an individual absolute authority?
It is timely that a new mechanism be set up to address and revise laws that has outlived its usefulness. That would also involve stashing away great grandfather procedures. Let’s face it. If the older ways work, today we wouldn’t be experiencing constitutional crisis. True?Thus, we need a complete total revamp.
As a guide, lawmakers when churning out new laws needs to be aware that first and foremost:
1) an effective period whereby such laws (must) be updated or desensitised every five years is necessary and must be established, beit at State or Federal level.
2) the simplifying of standard operating procedures for the amendment of such outdated laws.
The lawmakers should comprise a larger spectrum of the rakyat to make it inclusive. With this, a special body headed by the bar council which includes but not limited to a representative each from bodies of each profession, ngos, political parties, not excluding the independents whose primary focus is to identify, review, debate and make good weak laws arising from daily news and controversies.
3) Such amendments would then be passed and endorsed by the Agong before being presented to the members of the house for briefing.
4) Power to debate or endorse laws should no longer rest in the ambit of MPs. We are relieving them from these duties because partisan politics is already the norm. Therefore, MPs are no longer independent in thought or actions or risk being chastised. This is not what we want.
Without such revamps in the law, procedure and structure, our country can no longer remain competitive. Worse, our country may never move forward, and our contemporary mindset will forever be hindered by backward laws, which is also the reason why religion today still talks about stars and moving mountains. We need to address the unnecessary tabling of the Emergency Act which only harbours conspiracy theories because of the unlimited powers it holds. Once used as a resistance against terrorism, it is now being exploited for personal gains and private agendas.
If our Federal budget can be reviewed yearly to suit the issues of the moment, so must laws.
My two cents.”
-Kris Lee 2021.

Non Showing PM

“The non-showing of our pm in Parliament and the inconsensual revocation of emergency without the knowledge of the house is a serious offence tantamount to making a mockery out of our federal constitution. The pm’s questionable behaviour is technical incompetence and non—pardonable. Thus the speaker, with the power vested in him, should have exercised his power to have the pm suspended by reasons of technically disqualification and have the parliament suspended to make way for a new caretaker pm by way of whoever commands the confidence of the majority in Parliament and assented by the Agong.
That way, the Dewan speaker will also regain his integrity back, the house put to order, and the confidence of the rakyat redeemed. And when the new government is formed , I can almost guarantee the Dewan speaker will get his job back.
On the same note, we should also vote out parliamentarians whom not only exploit the loopholes found in our laws to their advantage, but also flout rules.”

I Rather They Suffer Than We Suffer

“If one keeps on neglecting creativity, but works in a context of acceptability, as according to that school of thought which taught them, then we unconsciously stunt our inner easternmost expressions by paying homage to western literal and artistic ideas, subconsciously elevating them to iconic towkay status making them relevant, but in turn, reduces our own chances of making our way to the top.
Schools of music till today still stresses on Brahm and Bach. Schools of writing still pays homage to Shakespeare and Wilde, not Tagore or Han Suyin. Schools of visual art history conveniently branded us as offshoots of abstract expressionism. We have been suppressed for the longest of time, if not, being denied our own language and identity. And until we assert our own brand, we can’t flourish as unique individuals. With this, our arts and literal history should thus be rewritten and pushed further back to the time where our ancestors began it all. To say that our arts began during the Islamic age is an unforced error. There are many other dynasties that we should reckon with that even the aborigines should not be discounted. They are the unique individuals that did not begin their existence feeding off western classicals as we have always been, and that’s the reason why we are conveniently placed into neat identifiable parcels ready for the slaughterhouse and many a time, being labeled as ‘aliens’. If I may say, that was our own doing.
Western ideas propound that without education, one would fail. That is untrue. Because we have seen that with great acumen, being led by the teachings and philosophy of wise men from the east, many uneducated local rich has proven them wrong. That without the infiltration of western ideals, imperialistic China has thrived way longer than many from the West.
The westerners also has an uncanny habit to device all sorts of courses and tailor them to suit their own ideals whilst we in turn, enrolled ourselves into their classes, many a time earning a degree studying about our own culture, tradition and way of life through them. Should this continue?
The profoundness of a language is also not important as our forefathers has time and again, proven. Living with different ethnicities, we never have trouble understanding each other, or getting our messages across, despite the littlest we know about someone else’s language.
If I may repeat, we need that paradigm shift. Of thought and execution. Classical eastern writings, performances, and visual expressionism should in the future, not be assessed by western standards and principles, or risk being lumped into pattern moulds set for us, and be forever regarded as an off—track or an off—shoot of the western system. How close are we to the Africans if I may ask, that when one studies Asian, we are conveniently lumped alongside theirs?
Thus, to get rid of being stereotyped, we, including the academicians, should all rise to the occasion and be ourselves. We should write as how we write according to how our natural senses evoke us, and be as distinct as how our ancestors are, listening to our own folktales, swaying to the rhythm of our own wayang, and paint with the scurried soul of an easterner.
Our works should overwhelm them with just that tinge of ourselves, and we should all by now, live as how we are, being accorded a rightful place on the map of the world since time immemorial.
What I just lamented may sound discomforting to the westerners, but I rather they suffer than we suffer, the earful.”

Second Best

Malaysian are very tolerant and forgiving. Not like they are not good virtues. But it is because of this attitude that we have to always, conveniently settle for the second best. And live with it. Though the thorn sticks out from under our mattress and causing us much distress and discomfort.
It is not only about badminton that we have extended this attitude. It is also about our government, our system, and the slip—shot finishes we get from our renovation contractors. We even compromise our own education system preferring to issue harmful racial quotas, than to give it to the deserving. So, what are all these reassurances about when nothing good comes out of it?
Words of encouragement can be crude, or it can be comforting. But when words gets too cuddly, the players will continue to bask themselves with self consolation and always think that they are right. But are they?
Why are we forever hoping that the second best can become the best by slow nurture and words of comfort? We habitually reassure each other that we are fine, thinking that would be helpful, but pay for our mistakes continuing to believe in the reasons our mechanic gave us when our car had broken down thrice because he is really not competent enough to fix our car. Yet we let our ‘take-it-easy chin chai’ attitude compromises our expectations that it has become affixed into our culture, glaring enough especially amongst the Chinese community. Why don’t we make more effort to pick the best then chuck the rest? But rather, hung on as usual to bygone players? Why can’t we inculcate succession plans in every sport not only one? And what happened to Shalin Zulkifli when we comforted her with a datukship title ? Why didn’t we hang on to Nurul Huda Abdullah? We have formidable world class football players in the 70s. What happened to the likes of Chow Chee Keong, Santokh Singh and Mokhtar Dahari?
Why aren’t our former national players be tasked for national service to nurture the younger ones full time like what the Chinese and Indonesians does? Overbudget? No. I thought perhaps just like politics, we are all too caught up with glorifying one race, than to breed patriotism through sports. The same way we did to education and the rest.
It’s our sickness that fan pages are swarming with more words of encouragement than punishing them for their underperformance. As three time Olympians, can I also assume that their losing is deliberate since many of you can assume that they have tried their best?
In the words of Datuk Lee Chong Wei :—
‘Every sportsmen suffers from injury at one time or another. But the most important thing is not to carry this to your opponent’s knowledge and do your best to hide it and also not to aggravate the injury.’
Well said.
Thus, to me, if they really feel they are not up to it, why put their own self at risk? So as to tarnish their own good record and risk the confidence of their sponsors? That is being childish. And why aren’t yearly allocations in sports covers the players and athletes well being? Instead of finding them searching for personal sponsors, and the need to break off from national hold? As usual, it’s about race isn’t it?
To the players, think hard and discern even harder.
The name of the game is to attack in the first game and widen the gap. Then put pressure on your opponent by maintaining that winning gap. When it comes to the second game, it is time to attack and end it. You have a better chance winning by attacking than to play a defensive game in the second. And finish the opponents off in a straight game. But if by chance your luck is not so good , you still have the rubber. Get it? This is so simple, yet both of you are playing three consecutive games losing six conservative sets with the same kind of tactics? No wonder lah. If you could call that a mistake, I can also regard it as immaturity. If not, I am so surprised considering an Olympian both of you are, that you only have one tactic up your sleeves throughout three qualifying heats. What a load of nonsense!
Well, both of you can continue to drown in the sweetness of your loyal fans, if that is the purpose you keep your fans for. If you ask me, I’m afraid you are catching the wrong end of the stick. The number of likes does not translate to support. Most of the time, they are but obligatory, and swarm with opportunists. The rest are sex maniacs trying to seek attention by being tolerating. And if you think my advice is kind enough, it is high time you learn how to distinguish between numbers that work and numbers that gives you a sense of false hope.
Otherwise, do consider retiring.
Mistakes and experiments are for off—court training purposes. But when you are on court, mistakes and experiments are no longer tolerable, especially in the Olympics , because at the end of the day, the end result doesn’t need explanation. You don’t need to give reasons why you lose. It shows in the result. That’s all there is.
And do not console yourself that you have lost to a better pair. They are all underperforming pairs to reckon a fight if you ask me. And both of you are expected to sail through. But both of you underplayed and your fitness level as athletes are questionable. Not like you weren’t given sufficient time to realise the game’s schedule. If you need to train, you could have appealed to our Olympic committee to be given a chance to prepare despite the lockdown. If our government cannot understand this, then down with the government as well.
But if you guys still wanted to be counted as a formidable pair and repair the dent on your record, overhaul your attitude, recharge your physique, train your mind, and start focusing on constructive criticism to win.
But to me, as a three time Olympian, to make mistakes like this, I think it’s better you both make way for younger players.”