we remain

forever close in the distance

of our own world

sharing the nearness

spaced by comforts

of our own choosing


we remain

a picture reflectedΒ in the lights

of our own breath

sharing the elusiveness

within the aches

of our tired heart


we remain

a grail

of our own heart

yet spaced in between heaven

and the tips of our finger

is a safe embrace that calls us


to remain..




141 responses to “remain

  1. This is such an evocative poem, and also humbling, if that makes sense. there is an humbleness in reflection – recognition to love and another human soul


    • no need to be sorry neutral haha- what i mean is we just got acquainted and before long, you would have discovered how diverse my poems are haha! i mean i love to try out new concepts by the day! cheers!

  2. I too was taken by the concept of:
    “yet spaced in between heaven
    and the tips of our finger
    is a safe embrace that calls us”.
    To think of that, I guess that is where you are!

  3. sharing the nearness/spaced by comforts/of our own choosing

    i loved these lines. the repetition in many of your pieces, i’ve come to recognize, is a style of your own πŸ™‚

  4. i wish i can write and put my emotions into words like this. these are heart-spoken words. i am in awe. πŸ™‚

    hi fiveloaf, i’m back… thanks for the nice comment you left at SiS’ review of my blog.

  5. This is utterly beautiful fiveloaf…..especially the 2nd verse. I love the lines, “we remain//a picture reflected in the lights//of our own breath”
    Love it!

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