~rainy day~ image copyright Kris Lee 2012

~cycling with an umbrella~
image copyright Kris Lee 2012



















IMAGES Penang offers you a glimpse of Fiveloaf’s hometown through his own lenses and narration. It is a photo journal that offers readers and travelers a glimpse of its culture, tradition, heritage, lifestyle and the people that makes it what it is today “a potpourri of sorts”~ at least that is how its founding father, Captain Francis Light envisions it to be when he first set foot in 1786 giving every single race an opportunity to inhabit and to trade.

Where photography is concern, Fiveloaf is a purist. Inspired by Henri-Cartier Bresson, he constantly challenges himself to shoot miminum. His images are devoid of modern day studio enhancement, cropping and image manipulation and Fiveloaf does only monochrome shots. And that to him is the raw beauty of street photography and raw photography could only happen when once in awhile, some natural imperfections remain.

acheen minaret

alleys of old

an uncommon chapel

assessing art


basis of composition

behind your eye

bird’s nest fern


cannonball monkeys

commerce and art


condition reports


do with your eye

doyen of photography

drop zone


earth stump

egret below fronds


extended family


fresh catch


Gun Hill Temple


Hainanese Bombe Alaska

hungry ghost


if you can’t see

internal, external


kedai tuak


lunchbox meal


medicated masseurs

money art

motor mechanics


offering to spirits

old chum



palms palms palms


preschool heroes


quaint looking postbox




shadow theatre

studio of hitori


the color of photography

the juggler

the white man’s grave

two riders, three pillions


Victoria’s Clocktower


water shrine

wile away seniors!




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