What Subsidies Exactly?

When covid happens, the economy fell across the board. Everyone including landlords were affected. People were forced to take unpaid leaves and pay cuts. Many were retrenched. And many committed suicide. Businesses big and small were wiped out.
Except the nondescript essential goods suppliers. Except government and glc servants whom received extra benefits when working hours was cut to half? For them, it was business as usual. And prices of essentials did not fall. But now, you thought it a good idea to float essential goods prices on the pretext of removing subsidies? What subsidies exactly when importers need to be contented with licenses and approved permits? How do you justify raising the price of essentials when essentials weren’t affected? How do you justify removing subsidies when the benefit came in handouts again to government and glc servants? And that one CEO could have his annual remuneration raised from rm300k to rm480k?


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