Besides Good Intentions

Besides good intentions and ideas, our government, beit federal or state, should seriously reconsider if they are competent enough to tackle the most basic of social issues which is infrastructure development, if not, either to employ the right man for the right job or encourage healthy architectural design competitions and proposals. The building and maintenance of public toilets and amenities including bus stands and bicycle parking, parks and recreation, roads, sewerage, and drainage boils down to one’s basic understanding of ‘human and handicap’ ergonomics, geography, town planning and the weather, thus, well-thought out designs and material usage ease movement including refuse collection, facilitates crowd control, prevents vandalism, and unforeseen littering etc from happening. It is no longer market trend to leave ideas to centuries old departments that has never moved along with the times because what we are going to inherit are poorly lit spaces, poorly designed drain covers, brutalised trees, flood and strips of sandy no man’s land.
I can foresee it won’t be long before illegal vendors and careless hawking line the promenade.


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