Aweful Mild Lot

Malaysians are an aweful mild lot.
We sign petitions for everything. Being told that is the civilised way and the right thing to do. And so we did. How convenient it is to shout through petitions while quietly protecting our own hard earned gains and investments? But can’t you see that we are dealing with injustice here and a whole lot of unequivocal cable pulling? And a civilian is being forced to serve jail time just because the lawless perpetrators was victimised nevermind the truancy captured on the videos? Don’t you realise that the right thing to do is to take to the streets? Wake up dude! Sampai bila nak tidur ni? You want to fight for a better Malaysia, it takes lots of balls.
I know.
You don’t have them.
And some created petitions so that they could earn from the donations.
Please stop this insanity.
If you live in fear of the government, then I fear you too cos you voted in the government you fear.

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