Suck The Venom Out

Two friend, Paul and Jimmy, are taking a hike in the woods on a hot summer’s day. They come across a pond and decide they are going to cool off. No one is around so the strip down and jump in. After about 5 minutes, Jimmy screams out in agony. “What’s the matter, Jimmy?” Paul asks. Jimmy cries, “I think I got bit by a snake!” They get out of the pool and Paul asks, “Where did it bite you?” Jimmy says, “On my dick!” Paul looks down and sure enough, there are fang marks on Jimmy’s dick. “What do we do?” asks Paul. “Call 911! Call 911”, yells Jimmy. Luckily for them, they are in range so Paul calls 911 on his cell. “My friend just got bit by a snake and we don’t know what to do!”, Paul tells the operator. “Well, the only thing you can do is to suck the venom out,” the operator says. Paul is taken aback. “Is there no other way? What happens if we can’t do that?” The operator says, “Well, if the snake was poisonous, then your friend is going to die.” Paul is dejected. He can’t believe what he has to do. “What did 911 say?” Jimmy asks, still agonizing in pain. Paul says, “They say you’re going to die.”

(Author Unknown)

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