Not Within His Ambit

“Our Agong’s primary duty is to endorse a candidate that has received the majority of votes in Parliament, to be our pm. The pm then chooses his own deputy as well as names his entire cabinet, again with the Agong’s endorsement. That’s all.
With due respect, It is not within the ambit of our Agong to dictate who our pm should be and how the choosing should be conducted. He acts on advice. And Parliament has its own set of rules.
For unity reasons, voting must be seen to be swift, open, and orderly. At all cost must we avoid factions, dissent, and suspicion from happening. That is the reason why MPs must congregate, vote, and make known the results straightaway in Parliament. With due respect, as it is, the Agong has been seen minding and fiddling, and the process now somehow reverses. Was he ill advised?
With the agong affirming the voting through sds, then again, interviewing the MPs who voted with the sds, before Parliament convenes, and again observing if the MPs still endorses the candidate they have chosen in their sd? What then is the basis and function of the statutory declaration (sd)?
If the Agong is not careful, he would be seen to be taking sides, if that pm chosen is not in tune to conventional wisdom which is exactly how certain factions crafted it in this manner, to gag the rakyat. And that, with due respect, dent wisdom.
When can, if we are allowed one request, can the rakyat and MPs get to view each and every sd, to verify its authenticity?”

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