Anwars Career

“Anwar’s political career came about not through Tun M.

I need to jerk up Tun’s memory.

Anwar was Umno youth chief then. Young, charismatic, eloquent. His grassroots was huge and they decided to ask him to try for Umno’s top position. Anwar didn’t. Anwar took his chances by challenging Ghafar Baba instead. Then, the school teacher deputy prime minister. Tun M loved Ghafar Baba because Ghafar Baba is loyal and echoes him. Tun M tried to stop Anwar from challenging Ghafar, because Tun thought Anwar dangerous and he was no pushover, and cannot be controlled. Moreover, Anwar had a large following. Anwar thought he can’t disappoint his grassroots. Tun M then, was scared of being unseated by this ambitious young man. Elections came and went, and quite unexpectedly, Anwar won over Ghafar Baba.

Tun M didn’t like it.

But by virtue of Anwar’s position as Umno deputy, Anwar was elevated to be the deputy prime minister. Because it was the tradition then.
Thus Tun M got no choice but to reluctantly elevate him.

Not like Anwar begged for it. He worked hard for it.

And the rest is history.”

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