Secret Ballot

“Secret balloting before Parliament convenes contravenes constitution!”

Because our federal constitution says so. And it is the duty of Dewan Rakyat to decide who the next pm should be. Not the agong. The agong acts only on advice and endorses. Agong is not voting. The MPs are voting, thus it must be inside Parliament. Balloting cannot happen outside Parliament. If not, it contravenes Constitution. If not, it would be perceived unclean by the loser. Doesn’t our speaker knows meeting procedures when after all, he is an election expert?
For those who doesn’t know the balloting process, let me explain this in simple language:
When all MPs are present and the session is called to order, the Speaker announces the agenda of the day.
Speaker then announces the resignation of our pm and his cabinet and Parliament dissolved.
The first (could be only) agenda begins- ‘The election for a new pm.’
Speaker seeks nominations from the floor with a condition that every nominee must be proposed and seconded.
Speaker collects their names and check if the nominees are qualified.
Speaker then announces the number and name of the candidates qualified.
Speaker then ask the floor present to choose between 1) secret ballot or 2) by show of hands.

If it is by secret ballot, Speaker issues papers to all the MPs and ask the MPs to write down their choice.
Speaker collects back the papers being assisted by volunteers from the floor.
Volunteers assist in the counting.
Speaker announces the outcome and the candidate with the most number of votes win.

If it is by show of hands, volunteers from the floor will be asked to assist the Speaker in the counting of each round of vote.
Each time the Speaker announces a name, those who endorses that nominee, puts up their hand.
The volunteers count.
Speaker tallies the number of votes each candidate receives.
Speaker announces the outcome and the candidate with the most number of votes win.

After the election process, Speaker will proceed to ask the floor if there are any objections to the election process? If not, there will be an adoption to propose voting session close. Again a proposer and seconder.

Session ends.

Pursuant to the letter issued by the speaker, clause no. 8 in correspondence to the nomination process outside Parliament raises far too many doubts because none of the MPs has privy to the results nor the sd’s, no privy to counting, thus can be rigged, the balloting process did not happen inside Parliament therefore unconstitutional, and each nomination paper has no proposer nor seconder, and no one knows exactly how many nominations were received in good faith.

This is a serious error by the speaker of the Dewan thus it must be urgently corrected.

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