Interim Prime Minister?

“If moo throws in the towel today, since he no longer commands the confidence of the majority of members of the House of Representatives, moo by right shall tender the resignation of his cabinet before YDPA could dissolve Parliament. Only then can YDPA act in his discretion, the appointment of a new pm.

It is certainly arguable if YDPA, in the discharge of his duties, hands the key to kuli, whom many claims is non-partisan or independent, when truly, kuli was seen making his stance, standing freeze-framed besides Zahid and the rest of the umno stalwarts on national tv, when Zahid threw the gauntlet at moo, causing a constitutional crisis that saw the collapse of pn. Which is the reason for moo’s audience with the King.

Kuli has been and is still is, an umno loyalist and life member. Even if he is not, it is controversial that an independent whom naturally does not command the confidence of the majority in the House, be picked. Likewise, it is also incorrect if any umno members were chosen as pm, because umno is no longer part of the coalition that commands a simple majority, since umno has withdrew from pn. Lest they realigned.

In other words , the appointment of kuli or any other umno members for that matter, may be perceived as biased. If our constitution must be seen to be correct and forms the basis of our democracy as well as in the eyes of the public, then rightly, the appointment of a new pm should come from “a member of the House of Representatives who in his judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House”- Federal Constitution 43 (2) a.
Which means if YDPA suggests a name, Parliament must be seen to endorse it. If not, it goes on and on.

Not withstanding this, there is no provision in our constitution for the appointment of an interim pm. So the exercise of it could be interpreted as illegal. It also becomes dangerous if malfeasance, especially the exploitation of funds, is committed by an interim pm when there is no provision for it, and the appointment is illegal, therefore he cannot be charged, nor take accountability for his actions during his discharge of duties. Would our YDPA takes sole responsibility for the appointment then?

Any appointment that is associated with kuli or umno currently, is also seen to be the closing gap after the long sojourn beginning with Tun and the basis of the Sheraton Move, where power is supposedly handed back to umno, and to see them personally expunge themselves from all the charges in court. That is indeed a grave mistake and part of the deal which jib paid for. If that is the true colour of Malaysian politics, then everything is just a sandiwara. And cash is indeed king.

If this trying period is going to mark a new beginning for a new dawn in Malaysia, it is better we begin with the right foot, and make correct decisions, for the wrong foot will lead us back to square one. “