What Goes Around Comes Around

“The rakyat thought it’s end of the game for moo. Really? The end? I don’t think so. Fact is, it’s just the beginning.

The latest proposal by moo as announced is that he is offering a by-partisan government. That of course is a clear admittance he no longer has the numbers to be running the government. That also means he still does not want to admit defeat but wants to cling on to power. At least until ge15 arrives which he promises will be held before July 2022. By then, 100% of the rakyat would have been inoculated from Covid. How do you think those numbers can help him? Well, it means his cabinet did a superb job. It also means he has more time to search for bed partners to ensure he still holds onto power.

A by-partisan government in his term means whomever is willing to work with him will ensure that he and his team still stays on as the government of the day, till the next election comes. It means he is still in power and in control. His offer to amend the constitution also means some political party, MPs and simpletons would agree to his anti-hopping law proposal. Though he himself is leading the biggest frog leaping party ever to happen in the history of Malaysian politics.

And worse come to the worse, to moo, if the main opposition ph doesn’t want to come to the round table, others may. Some frogs may. And all he needs is only a few seats to ensure he stays on in power. That means instead of him going around searching for frogs, he wants the frogs to leap to his round table meeting. He’ll sit and he’ll wait. There’s bound to be a few who would want to break up from their coalition. After all, he needs only a few seats to be back in business. From there, moo can pick his new team, or, offer newer positions to add on to his current 76. What’s a few more? And that’s the reason why moo offered a round table talk outside instead of the usual proper debate inside Parliament for his bipartisan government proposal.

If he wins, he buys time again because our federal constitution needs to be amended before he can form the by partisan government. There is no provision for it currently.

But say suppose if moo doesn’t have the numbers, he can easily turn tables, and give umno the steering wheel, just to spite the opposition or those who doesn’t want to cooperate. Which means moos team no longer controls pn but umno. That would also mean jib or Zahid may come back which of course is a fat chance or they will operate from behind the curtains. But the choice of who is going to be next or interim pm, rests with the agong. Not you, me or the MPs. No matter who we prefer, the choice still rests with the agong. If the agong installs the wrong pm, and installs jib for instance, will there will be a public outcry?

If there is, a public outcry, worse come to the worse, moo may just get back his job. See? He’s not down and out yet. He’s still buying time now till September. And his bi-partisan policy as according to his proposed amendment means if he loses his current status and hops to the opposition camp, he still maintains his perks equivalent to a senior minister. Which means he has nothing to lose. Nevermind his team. But is that agreeable with the rakyat? That our federal budget yearly should allocate for both sides irregardless of whether one forms the government or not? Or is he once again making concessions for his own loss, as if the rakyat is invisible and has no say in anything?

And cash is still king and cash buys power. Absolves all wrongdoings too! The entire Sheraton move comes to a closure once jib gets what he paid for.”