Non Showing PM

“The non-showing of our pm in Parliament and the inconsensual revocation of emergency without the knowledge of the house is a serious offence tantamount to making a mockery out of our federal constitution. The pm’s questionable behaviour is technical incompetence and non—pardonable. Thus the speaker, with the power vested in him, should have exercised his power to have the pm suspended by reasons of technically disqualification and have the parliament suspended to make way for a new caretaker pm by way of whoever commands the confidence of the majority in Parliament and assented by the Agong.
That way, the Dewan speaker will also regain his integrity back, the house put to order, and the confidence of the rakyat redeemed. And when the new government is formed , I can almost guarantee the Dewan speaker will get his job back.
On the same note, we should also vote out parliamentarians whom not only exploit the loopholes found in our laws to their advantage, but also flout rules.”

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