Crab Stance

Our Malaysian Olympics committee must be kidding me that she is fielded as a competitor. Looking at her serve with both legs closed, standing in salutation, she is unprepared for even the smallest battle. From the way she moves, she is unfit for a prestigious game like the Olympics, dodging every shuttle after each serve, expecting her passive partner to run all over the court trying to retrieve every shot while she stood there with her now infamous left right ‘crab stance’, only waiting for the shuttle to come straight to her face before she lifts her racket. Even then, for most times, she still dodge. But one shuttle did, actually landed on her cheeks which saw her scrambling down onto the tarmac, hurting her knee. I thought that would wake her up, but it came a little too late, in the second game.
Which begs the question. Doesn’t their coach including both of them were taught to realise that the Olympics is the most prestigious event in sports history surpassing the All-England and the Thomas Cup? So, what sort of coach were they assigned with, who obviously can’t read the opponents game well, deploying the same tactical strategy in two consecutive games? It’s no wonder they fail. As a partner too, that guy shouldn’t just take it all in, without voicing his displeasure when he should.
Anyway, it’s game over for both of them. It is time for some reflection, if they still want to win it. As for the Olympics, it’s a little too late, considering their age.
From my personal viewpoint, that guy still have hope, if paired with a more agile, level-headed partner who is willing to work hard. But he shouldn’t be so passive. The other player, I am afraid should be shown the door unless she learn how to be a better partner. For now, I still can’t figure out for what good her mascara does to her game.
My two cents.”

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