Order of Vaccine

“To me I would have rearranged the order of vaccine dispensing.
I would have divided the entire nation into :—
1) toddlers and infants below 6yrs of age,
2) primary school children below 12 including teachers,
3) secondary school students below 18 and teachers,
4) preuniversity and university going young adults below 28 and their lecturers,
5) working adults and foreign workers below 60 yrs of age except those which fall under category 8.
6) retirees and senior citizens 60 and above
7) illegal immigrants
8. public healthcare, transportation, essential & food services restricted to front line employees only
9) all members of Parliament
I would Hv dispensed the vaccines in this order :—
8, 2, 3, 4, 6, 1, 5, 9 then 7.
And announced this daily through all channels available so that the public knows.
Sadly this is not the case here.”

Rose, I Will Never Forget You

Last weekend, my daughter and I were checking out a house she was interested in buying. When the owner came to the door, she looked at me and said, “Roger? I know you. We were good friends when we were young. I’m Rose. Don’t you recognise me?”
I drew a complete blank.
She showed me an old black and white framed picture of her when she was a teenager — still nothing.
She then went in her room, took out a shoe box full of old trinkets, flipped through them, took out an old faded b&w photo and handed it to me. At the bottom of my photo I had written, “Rose, I will never forget you.”

(Author Unknown)