Not friend neither foe

“Right now, during the emergency, till august 1st, no one can push him down, cos he has absolute power handed to him by the agong. If umno wants to gain control of pn by trying to remove him, so can he remove his whole party from pn back to pr. You get the mathematics? So he is not so stupid after all.
From these few years, we have witnessed them as friends becoming foes and foes back to friends. So we have learnt that in politics, there is no permanent friend nor foe. They flip and flop as and when they like. While we are like watching badminton, when the shuttlecock moves from one side of the court to the other. Only our head turns. We cheer when the team we side wins, we boo our opponents. But ultimately, the coveted cup goes either ways to either of them. Not you nor me. Still, we need to pay for our own tickets to watch the game.”
– Kris Lee 2021.

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