Ruthless Cowboys

“The entire Sheraton move was designed to make money out of Jib since Jib pleaded to be relieved of his multitude of charges through the back door with Zahid as his mediator. But instead of travelling from point A to point B, they took the nation on a steeple chase with many detours to keep us guessing, to masquerade their evil intention, so as to conserve their reputation. And so began the greatest marathon on earth. Which sees a straight faced Tun and a red faced Jib coming to terms, puppeteering a gang of misfits with the lure of money, through imaginary power and positions.

This whole plot began with Jib bribing everyone. Zahid was sent on a mission to negotiate with Tun, then heading PR, to expunge his cases. The bait, vulgar cash. Tun, not wanting his own hands dirtied, then turns to his two loyalists, Azmin and moomoo to execute the grand move. After all, it is only money he is after. Tun also knew that he’d be implicated as the number one suspect, if he were to participate in the Sheraton move that evening. Thus he renegaded his promises to emerge, but his two loyalists unknowingly faithfully stood by him, and believed in him, even leaving the dpm’s post opened, possibly moomoo’s own after moomoo has elevated himself to chair the new coalition at the eleventh hour. Fact is, they were all betrayed by the old man.

Months went by, and so were the expunging of many high profile corruption cases from all quarters m. And after a substantial amount of cases has been relieved, the ball game again changes, this time, dribbling back to Umno’s court. Will the ball stop there? That really depends on how far their deal goes. But it all proves one thing right. Money is indeed king, as Jib says. And afterall, it is one big game plan they are now inching through, step by step, and one by one, which now sees a grinning Jib, watching Umno outmanoeuvring ppbm. And If Umno does become the dominant force in PN, what may one think, will happen to Jib?

In its current development, no one understands better than Umno that the rule of the game is that whoever has more seats in the Dewan, controls Parliament. Thus, Umno has cleverly positioned themselves as kingmaker, exerting pressure on their own ruling coalition to realise their plan. Tun could foresee that coming, and that was what I believe, prevented Tun from accepting the pm’s post under ppbm’s banner and as chairman of PN initially, no matter how tempting it may seem to be. Though that was part of the agreement Tun did not honour. But Tun, wise as ever, did not accept it. Having helmed Umno for 22 years, he knew better the sentiments and reactions he will receive from the grassroots, now haunting moomoo, when ppbm did not make up the largest of seat allocation in this coalition, yet dictates everything. Indeed, it was a mistake for ppbm to hop from PR to form PN it seems, but could it be deliberate? As planned so to speak of. As it is now, perhaps Umno may be too belligerent and impatient for its own good.

It is clear that the prospects of Umno joining PR is filled with multitudes of uncertainty. The leaders of PR are united and headstrong, coupled by the fact that each of them commands more seats than what Umno has in store. Umno knew that they themselves are clearly outnumbered. Thus their straight faced hesitation. There is also this equation of losing their own members to ppbm especially those whom were now holding positions in PN’s cabinet. Would these power hungry ministers let go of their positions and remain Umno’s subjects, knowing that if a new government is formed, they may never ever stand a chance to helm these positions given them? Thus, they may join ppbm for all we know. And if they do, Umno would be crippled, maybe for good this time round.

In that case, it would be wiser for Umno to stay within their pact and aligned themselves with PN. More logical than losing face and giving in to perhaps DSAI, their former associate as their new boss. They can also foresee that Moomoo had no choice but to work with them, and sacrificing more seats than what had been agreed to them, thus their demand, with the possibility of heading the PN coalition in time to come. And with Umno in PN, moomoo and his ppbm boys still have a chance at retaining some seats though not many. But it is better than letting Umno go and losing it all to PR. With the latest moomoo’s announcement, offering two senior positions to Umno, it is clear that moomoo is sending an olive branch over to umno, weeks before the emergency ceases which may see a disintegration of PN if moomoo can’t garner enough votes to stay on. And that may also mean there’s a good chance Hisamuddin is also ppbm’s potential pm-to-be candidate to replace moomoo. And if Hisamuddin returns, so will his cousin Jib. Perhaps in the backdrop, ruling from behind the curtains together with Zahid. The course has now ran its full circle. And because of that, Umno is trying hard to control PN, by rejecting the senior positions offered, perhaps by even demanding moomoo to vacate his position. If Umno is more tactful, than to be seen as a greedy warlord, it would be wiser that they proposed Parliament be dissolved, to make way for general elections.

What remains to be seen is clearly understood. Umno doesn’t bow to anyone. Not with fearless grassroots. So we may see moomoo succumbing to Umno’s demand and retire, but defect back to PR with his followers, and the entire PN inundated with the likes of ill mannered loud mouthed ruthless cowboys soon.

Such is politics. No permanent friends nor foes.”

Not friend neither foe

“Right now, during the emergency, till august 1st, no one can push him down, cos he has absolute power handed to him by the agong. If umno wants to gain control of pn by trying to remove him, so can he remove his whole party from pn back to pr. You get the mathematics? So he is not so stupid after all.
From these few years, we have witnessed them as friends becoming foes and foes back to friends. So we have learnt that in politics, there is no permanent friend nor foe. They flip and flop as and when they like. While we are like watching badminton, when the shuttlecock moves from one side of the court to the other. Only our head turns. We cheer when the team we side wins, we boo our opponents. But ultimately, the coveted cup goes either ways to either of them. Not you nor me. Still, we need to pay for our own tickets to watch the game.”
– Kris Lee 2021.

Sheraton Move – a deliberate move?

“After his two henchmen executed the Sheraton move, Tun did not have to tender in, his 3-in-one resignation- as pm, as chairman of pr, and as chairman of ppbm, straightaway. Because with his wealth of experience as a twice elected pm, leading first for 22 years, and then with his popularity soaring after the fall of BN, he has so much power vested in him, he could have easily invoke the sedition act and gotten his two henchmen as well as all the defectors arrested, crippling their plans to takeover. So why didn’t he?
Instead, he did the unthinkable by coercing TT to give up his position. Didn’t Tun, with all his wisdom know that if TT were to resign, the three prongs of our separation of powers- the legislative, executive and the judiciary would have been crippled completely leaving the agong with a constitutional crisis with no one to consult except his royal court? Unless he intended it, Tun should have known that if that happens, the rakyat is gagged over whatever development that takes place right after. And it will all point to the Agong if the next pm doesn’t live up to the rakyats demand.

Ironically when his two henchmen defected to the other side during the night of the Sheraton move, they announced that Tun is also coming over, and straightaway reinstated Tun’s own dismissal, swore allegiance to Tun, and declared him as pm elect? Why? Must they rely on Tun if they have gotten enough numbers to outwit pr even without support from Tun? And it was also strange that the dpm seat was left vacant when moo has enough candidates to create 76 positions. Why must that seat be left open and who was it for?

One theory is that Tun did agree to defect. That’s why the strange occurrences. And that the vacant dpm seat was henchmen number one’s who assume the coveted position which Tun declined. Such treachery. Does that explain why our Agong did not entertain Tun’s appeal and cut him off totally even when Tun has eventually gotten the numbers? Possible. But wait, didn’t Tun have an alibi? Because on the night of the Sheraton move, Tun did not appear. Or, was that a device cleverly plotted by his two henchmen using Tun’s power, support and influence, to garner sufficient seats thus making Tun guilty and implicating him as the architect of the Sheraton move? Later interviews has found that Tun admitted and knew about the plot to overthrow pr. And if that is the case, why didn’t Tun prevent it from happening?

Now comes the most beguiling question. Exactly who and what triggered this Sheraton move? And who paid for the billls? Theories has ranged from Tun’s displeasure with his other ruling coalition for trying to dismantle and correct everything he put in place during his 22 years of premiership therefore, he architect his own defection. If not, why did Tun straightaway resigned from all his positions in one night? When he could have rounded them off with the sedition act? The other theory was Jib, bribing his way off his purportedly 42? counts of corruption cases, made a deal with Tun through Jib’s henchmen and Tun, accepting the deal but not wanting to dirty his own hands, cleverly execute this defection and takeover plans through Tun’s two loyal henchmen without the knowledge of the strongmen of amanah, pkr and dap. So that when mahaiddin takes over, jib’s wishes will come through.

Whatever that has lingered on remains a mystery. But one thing is for certain. The Sheraton move left a distaste inside everyone’s mouth. It has tarnished Tun’s credibility totally for being wish-washy in his handling of the crisis, and besides that , the back door government the two henchmen created without blinking their eyelids makes both of them, public enemy number one. Unless they are both victims of circumstance. Whilst one has made himself the pm, after the unwillingness of Tun to crossover as per their initial deal, the other henchmen had his reputation desecrated because being younger , he remains the top contender to be pm designate and a possible threat to Tun’s preferred dpm or pm-to-be. So who is this candidate that Tun tries to craft the episode for? No one knows. And who paid for the bills during the Sheraton move?

Anyway theories are just that. Theories. Rumours will keep on flying around until sufficient evidence surfaces . Till today, everyone has the right to believe what they want.”