Irreversible Brain Damage

“I have never emphasised enough, the importance of the three important SOPs – washing hands regularly, remain a comfortable distance, wear your masks well, until herd immunity is achieved. And enforcing them is by regularly blasting them on essential media platforms. In fact, there is one more essential, but I have booted it out. Stay at home. Why?
Because your information ministry had a couple of well groomed yuppies in working attire speaking on national tv urging others stay at home when they themselves are in their office. Why? Because you have a fetish to outdo yourself as a joker?
No wonder lah.
Your implementing of fines for those who doesn’t condone to your silly rules has also resulted in systemic discrimination, corruption and racial polarisation when there is an obvious lack of dignified law enforcers with integrity measured against our entire population. Don’t you think it is easier to encourage neighbourhood watch or have you found an ideal home-grown business for your staffs? On the extreme end, we will gladly help you enforce if you’d allow us to bitch-slap any motorist, jogger, hiker or cyclist who doesn’t wear masks, as well as helmets.
Take a good look at your statistics.
Assuming the figures had not been tampered with and are accurate, then it’s high time you accept that your ideas failed full time. Because if it would have worked, your statistics would have shown otherwise.
The curbing of non essential goods and services, time restrictions, and district blockage is time wasting and has no effect on the lowering of infections. Worse, to those who thought that ketuanan gives them immunity and the law is not made for them. Why can’t you instead make the business concerns become responsible enforcers beit hotels, banquet halls or entertainment centres?
So, where do we go from here? When the rate of suicide cases increases? You plan to recruit more divers to retrieve bodies or instruct buildings more than two stories high to install safety nets? You are so out of touch with the ground, implementing rules driven by preferential classes which masquerades your self enrichment.
No wonder lah.
I suggest you exit from where you came from. The back door. If you remain, we will suffer from irreversible brain damage, listening to your kind of excuses.”