Walking Mascots

“Your country is controlled by agencies, whereas your presidents are just walking mascots. If not, kindly explain why Biden is implementing the same foreign policy Trump did, when your citizens voted for change from one against the other?
So ask yourself who controls your country?
When I was there, I see big lands, spacious roads, big houses, big sizeable people. Each of your shops is the size of our supermarket with abundance of car parks.
Everything you have there is top class even in the sub urban.
Your citizens had been fed with luxury for the longest of time. And each lunch of yours could feed us for one whole day. I thought with your own heavy breakfast, you’d skip lunch but you didn’t . You reap the finest of Kobe beef.
Guess how much a bottle of olive oil cost in our country when we sell to you peanut oil , even rice, for cheap? Guess your prices of fruits ? Just when we are feeding off things we can’t export unless you buy them for cheap. Thus all our quality produce including timber that goes to your country are the finest. We no longer find ramin, merbau, balau or berlian wood in our hardware shops. The size of one room of yours is the size of our house. We feed on just leftovers. We feed on plastic plates and cups while your people uses fine porcelain. Something you invented after the war. Your computers were priced at rm15k before China sells it to us at one fifth the cost.
It’s a privilege for your families to even have tuna fish and lobsters with pleasure when we were feeding off ikan bilis and kembongs.
Now that your country shouts for an economic war with China, you honestly think your citizens will lift off their butts from their comfort couch and say, “ok lets fight?” Haloooo! One only fights when one have no clothes on one’s back.
Not the Americans.
So walk back to your dreamscape. You’d do better by being friendly. And that’s the best advice you’d ever get from me. Rather than being suspicious over China’s next big move. Looks like you’re jittering because all the pawns on their chessboard seems to be moving simultaneously.
Don’t get me wrong. I love all my American friends. But the way you administrate your country, is in a mess. And stop playing God when you have never helped. Asking for something in return is not help. That is business.
Just saying.”

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