Shitting in your Pants

Dear Azmin,
Unless you are implying that our Agong is stupid, this is what the Agong said “that Parliament should be allowed to reconvene as soon as possible ‘to enable proper discussion’ of the Emergency Ordinance and Malaysia’s Covid-19 ‘recovery plan’”.
The key here of which I have highlighted in brackets which is ‘to enable proper discussion’ and ‘recovery plan’!
(Not after the Emergency Ordinance is over, neither is it ‘after’ we have recovered.) It means now!
And if you continue to propound your ignorance trying to propagate a differing theory, shifting your goal post towards a simple worded request which is to be acted upon ‘as soon as possible’, maybe it’s high time your esteem colleagues and you step aside, and go back to relearn English in primary school, because not being able to read replies properly suggests misinterpretation, thus, is a threat to national security, and not knowing what ‘as soon as possible’ means all the monkeys including you and your entire ministry continually miss datelines set, when sad to say, you are our frontline ambassadors to this country.
If I may add, maybe you are waiting to be summoned by the King for treachery so you could have your all time high shitting in your pants.”

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