Valve Release

“Open, case goes up, close, case goes down. With the right amount of valve release, they can comfortably open and close, and remain in power for as long as they wanted. Excuse me but wasn’t the perikatan takeover formulated to ensure it’s an all melayu controlled country, being displeased with too much say from others? That only they deserve and know how to run this country?
While the rakyat becomes anxious and makes the effort to end it, they will exploit it with the statistics. If we manage to end it, they too receive the glory for managing well and gets re-elected.
You guys understand their back door mathematics? They are not worried nor do they care, cos they had all been immunised. All of them! And if I may say, a caring cabinet will place themselves last to be injected, not first! So by their actions, will you know their dedication towards us.
And comparing their acquisition per syringe with other countries worldwide, we paid out three times higher.

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