Regular Law Updates

“The constant heated debates in Parliament suggests only one thing. That laws need regular updates as frequently as the apps living inside our phones. Because when laws are stunted lest two thirds of 220 Parliament votes are achieved, the laws are as good as stop motion dead, some centuries old eg. Auction Act 1926, written by the Crown, as well as the fines, compounds, and jail sentences meted out in the Penal Code. Then there is the Election Laws that causes way too much discomfort, biased laws that gives full rights of menteri besars and chief ministers to overrule decisions and many more.
There must be a mechanism to revise laws that has outlived its usefulness, amongst which is to agree on
1) an effective period whereby regulations (must) be updated or desensitised every five years, and Acts, every 10 years, beit State or Federal level.
2) a body comprising lawyers, professionals, ngos and important stakeholders who identify, review, debate and make good, weak spots, arising from daily news and controversy, and have them tabled.
3) Such reviews are then rewritten and then passed, but with the consent of the Attorney General, our Lord President and the Agong. (No need the biased views and votes from Ministers or MPs inside State or Parliament.)
If not, our country may never move forward, and our contemporary mindset is constantly hindered by backward laws, which is also the reason why religion still talks about stars, follies arising from the carelessness of humanoids 2000 years ago, and moving mountains. We need to address the unnecessary tabling of the Emergency Act which only harbours conspiracy theories. If our Federal budget can be reviewed yearly to suit the issues of the moment, so must laws.”

Valve Release

“Open, case goes up, close, case goes down. With the right amount of valve release, they can comfortably open and close, and remain in power for as long as they wanted. Excuse me but wasn’t the perikatan takeover formulated to ensure it’s an all melayu controlled country, being displeased with too much say from others? That only they deserve and know how to run this country?
While the rakyat becomes anxious and makes the effort to end it, they will exploit it with the statistics. If we manage to end it, they too receive the glory for managing well and gets re-elected.
You guys understand their back door mathematics? They are not worried nor do they care, cos they had all been immunised. All of them! And if I may say, a caring cabinet will place themselves last to be injected, not first! So by their actions, will you know their dedication towards us.
And comparing their acquisition per syringe with other countries worldwide, we paid out three times higher.