Harbinger of Evil

“No one is exempted from taking responsibility towards the chaotic state this world is in right now. Don’t think that because you are once poor, you were born to take care of yourself only, and for as long as you’re fine, enjoy a good living, others and everything else is not important to you.
There’s a reason why population always increases. Because we need renewed thinking to replace and weed out the hatred of olds. More than anything else, we need peacemakers, sympathisers, and healers of the heart, soul, mind, body. Certainly not more professionals who has taken this world from bad to worse. And we need government and ministers who would support the right from wrong, good from bad, godly from evil, clean from dirty, charity from selfishness. People who based their decisions holistically on the well being of your own men, your country, the world. Do not be a harbinger of evil.
There are information and misinformation overload in the internet today. And no one bothers to clean them up. Thus, it is our duty as an individual to discern and if unsure, cover our gab. If it is untrue, diffuse it and stop circulating.
We shouldn’t condone to the general view of anyone, society, institution or order. People are hell bent to condone to certain believes and tenets , to harness a sense of belonging so to speak , while others, out of fear of being sidelined or chastised for speaking the truth, and thus, the folly of certain cliques deliberately creates mischief to change perception of a good to become evil to benefit themselves. Evil lurks everywhere. We can help clean them up not by accusation , but to present evidence in the contrary.
Yes, wheats and weeds must thrive together, but as humans, we must not let the weed overwhelm the wheats, because weeds cannot be our staple food . Wheats are!
So stop being a plaintain and show me your comfortable ignorance. Do what you do best to help maintain peace. Take responsibility. And when faced with wrong, we must altogether rise up to the occasion to oppose the ostracised. Not stay quiet. Evil triumphs when the good does nothing. And one can’t be a spectator all day long.”

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