“There is this uncanny preference for acronyms in government programs locally, rather than calling a spade a spade. That ordinary citizens now can hardly configure and differentiate the likeness between pkpd, pkpp, or whatever shit they love to call it. What a joke. So much so that now, when they mentioned ‘SOP’, we, ordinary Malaysians can’t help but giggle because SOP to us in today’s context means ‘Semua Orang Pening’.
So apt.
As a matter of fact-ing, the inability to summarise even titles only mean that either there’s no one word for it, you’re too lazy to crack your heads, or you have a gross inability to grasp your subject. Don’t you even learnt summary in school?
Or does superheroes become more important when they carry longer heavyweight titles at the front and back of their names so they can fly?
((Imagine)) coming out with long prestigious titles and names, then only use the first letter of each word. Huh? Just look around. Every silly little program, especially in schools, has an acronym! You mean you love the longer name, but hate to pronounce it, therefore the acronym? That’s our standard?
Then comes the christening of major structures. Do I need to?
But however you named it, to us Penangites, it is forever Bridge 1 or Bridge 2. And for that fact, many went the wrong turn on the way crossing the bridge. Because there’s only fancy names sprawled out the length of each signboard on the highway and by ways. And before you ever finished reading them, we have zoomed past. Wtf, what’s wrong with you guys?
Does every important person needs to have their good deeds remembered by being trampled upon, abused or run over by tyres daily?”

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