Covid Will Not Cease

“Covid will not cease, lest the whole world observes a period of inactivity for one full month or two together. Just stay at home, strictly no going out, all work, school, shopping are done online, other bills, loans, rentals all cancelled for a month, with fresh food and conveniences all delivered by the government, and those with Covid symptoms will be treated at home (the hospitals will come to you).
If not, Covid will never end.
Whats the use if my country’s border stays open, but yours are closed?
What’s the point of holding international trade exhibitions, entertainment galas and sports programmes now?
What’s the point of developing vaccines and swab test with an efficacy rate of 50% which means it stands on the borderline of it may or may not be accurate? Worse when viruses mutate and recur?
If you can plant a vaccine into my body today using a foreign substance, why can’t you plant another into the air tomorrow, that can react with the first substance you injected into me, and immobilise me, the day when you decide to eradicate my existence?
If you can produce a vaccine so quickly to kill the viruses trapped inside our body, why can’t you produce an aerosol that when sprayed into the air, traps and kill it before it enters our body?
This virus has served you well. Politically and economically. A means to revolutionise and control the world, to tilt it to your favour. At our inconvenience and many many human sacrifices. That we now live in fear of the very substance that keeps us alive. Air.
The end of this world will come, when again, someone like you puts the whole world at ransom, and attacks also, our water.
Cos you see, this is a sickness of the super rich, in which you are not excluded. Because with richest comes the desire to steer outcome or the world’s economy, which you can only do it through the right action, influence or control, the source which is power derived from the government of the day, and having them tucked under your belt. You are the accessory of the devil. Because the origin of your problem is similar to the three prongs of the fork the devil holds in his hands. They are power, greed, and recognition.“

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