Drop In Figures

“Even your marder can’t predict when you’re gonna fall sick or the ckt apek knows how many plates he’s going to sell today much similar to our composite index. So why are the daily Covid figures so amazingly consistent?

That tonight your tv announcer has to say “this week we’re going to see a drop in figures.”

Huh? Apa? She can predict?

I know today’s drop is due to cny holidays but why are the rest hovering at 3k cases daily with minimal fluctuation? Main guli, not enough test kits or that’s your handling capacity dear health minister? If that’s your handling capacity nationwide, how can your immunisation minister claim that we can handle 165k vaccinations per day?

Let me tell you how we can get 3k cases averagely per day. You take 150 from Penang and gave it to Sarawak, then take 55 from Sarawak and hand it to Kedah. And everyday, the same number of guli goes round and round like as if you only have 3k marbles inside your dompet to play with. Best part is, districts situated right in the middle of the jungles too have cases. How? Carried by pigeons? Especially those remote hard to reach interiors of Sarawak and Sabah that’s how they have so many cases? But the number of imported cases is minimal if you consider the spread is due to illegal immigrants!

What I meant was, your degree of fluctuation is a suspect, and if you want to lie, lie convincingly. Otherwise shut up.

The worst part of your whole exercise is leaving pockets of danger everywhere when your vaccination is ‘not compulsory’ unlike other countries. Which means you only order enough but bill the government for the entire population so you can masuk. By leaving pockets of unvaccinated people everywhere, total safety will not be imminent. Think lah! What happens when I am vaccinated but all my neighbours did not.

Is that how you guys tackle the Covid situation nationwide? Susahlah ini macam!

– Kris Lee 2021.

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