Greatest Athlete of All Time

“The greatest athlete of all time is aptly Nicole David, and she won. By a convincing margin. Just because you don’t like that sport doesn’t mean she’s not qualified. In her sports, she excel. Like no other. A record nine years plus without a single defeat as world champion. Not jaguh kampong. It’s world. Even when I’m not much a squash fan. Our country did not aid her in publicity nor funds. Not even Lin Dan or Maradona or Beckham ever reaches that far in their record number of wins. If you want it to be truly open as a one person one vote thing throughout the world, popular consensus would have seen China athletes or India sweeping the medal based on population size. And we pick based on results. Not a panel of biased judges who picks the qualifiers based on looks or their attachment to a certain sport nor how much publicity western programmes has decided on who to spotlight in their sports column daily. Only our harimau Malaya arseholes would have given their votes to Liverpool. Talking about loyalty and patriotism.”