The numbers are so predictable, the entrance and exit doors of hospitals and car parks would be jam packed. Are they? No. A commoners experience with the attitude of staff nurses in kl hospital or pg hospital would tell you they can hardly handle 100 cases a day, and tell the latecomers to report the next day, with most patients or suspects having to sit there for five hours waiting for the mo, not even a full fledged qualified doctor to attend to you, while the tension builds up to one of anger. Not a day goes by without patients or guardians arguing due to their slow operational tidak apa attitude. 5728? You must be kidding me. Show us the breakdown of all the patients with their addresses and particulars and I’ll show you an irresponsible government who would at the end of the day, try to convince us the relevance of the vaccine, and that they succeeded in controlling it. Just to win popular votes. It is so predictable. No wonder everyone is laughing. Why? Because Malaysians are all kiasu and kiasi. No one will risk it. Look at secluded orchards like telok bahang and balik pulau, everyday there are cases. Have you experienced road blocks? None. Even the police knew they were fluke. Ini macam kah how you put us citizens and the economy in dire straits?


Nothing Better to Do

Don’t listen to him talk cock. Even yesterday’s Covid figures. From the way the staff nurses operate in the general hospitals, shaking their lazy bums right and left , each hospital can’t get way pass 100 cases or tests given 24hrs. 5,049? Show me the videos they are running in full capacity because for the virus to manifest it takes weeks which means the icu bed figures does not tally with the statistics. Only 300 icu beds give and take were taken up. Don’t talk about nationwide. Just talk about kl hospital or the Penang one.

And if the figures are that high, why then did they announce the opening of night markets yesterday? Got nothing better to do?