Extended MCO

1) Why are Friday prayers allowed when other places of worship were asked to close?

2) Why are foreigners still allowed into the country when the rakyat is not even allowed to travel interstate? And at one time, disallowed even from one mukim to the next?

3) Why aren’t you more specific what is essential instead of generalising them into sectors? Except for beauty and clothing industry, your announcements which includes medical, transport, food, manufacturing, construction and essential services industry would have let loose 90% of the rakyat to be on the streets daily.

By this, I am saying that if we were to give the health authority the benefit of the doubt that the figures weren’t tampered with, then it has 100% to do with your foolishness. I mean it is no longer ironical if cases continues to rise. Because the general reaction is that if cases spike in certain areas or states, or when certain places has confirmed cases, the rakyat would generally stay away.

Let me be clearer. No one wishes the mco to be extended except maybe you.

The First Time

An Indian lady visited a bar for the first time.

She sat at the table in front of the bar tender.

The guy on the left side ordered “Jack Daniels, Single.”

The guy on the right ordered “Johnnie Walker, Single.”

The bartender looked at the Indian lady and asked,

“And you?”

She replied, “Meenachi Shokalingam, Married.”

(Author Unknown)