Free Meal

I went for a bowl of noodles when I saw a young man walked in and ordered two bowls of noodles.

He ate one bowl, and put the other bowl opposite him, and place besides the bowl, a pair of chopsticks.

The young man said to the empty seat: “It’s that time of the year again. You must be hungry. Go ahead and eat them!

While eating, he was talking and laughing with the empty seat facing him.

The boss was stunt, his scalp was numbed, and goose bumps started forming over his whole body. He reminded himself that today it the official day of the month of the Hungry Ghost.

When the noodles were almost finished, the young man said to the empty seat:

“I will buy two drinks next door and come back soon.”

The boss of the noodle shop, looking confused, watched as the young man walks out.

Five minutes passes by, then ten minutes, half an hour already passed. The young man still did not return.

When it was about time to close the stall, the young man still did not come back.

The boss looked at the empty seat, his hands trembling and said: “Hey., why hasn’t your friend come back?”

The lady boss who was also there all this while hit the boss’s head!

“You stupid fool!” she said. “That guy just conned you for a free meal!”

(Author Unknown)

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