Lee and Lee

There is this Law firm (LEE & LEE Associates) owner who is very superstitious. His fengshui master told him that he can only hire lawyers with the surname “LEE” to work for him, and strangely he manages to get all the lawyers with the surname LEE to work for him!

One day my friend Tuna Singh who has just graduated from a law school applied for a job with LEE’s Law firm. He was asked to come for an interview.

During the interview everything went smoothly. Except that at ,the end, LEE told TunaSingh…

LEE : I’m actually very implessed with your resume, but there is one problem.

Tuna : What is the problem sir?

LEE : Well you see . . . I only hire lawyers with the surname LEE or at least closely related to “LEE” but your name is Tuna Singh. I dont see it has any relation to “LEE” so…

Tuna : Are you a racist?

LEE : Sorry, but this is what my fengshui master told me.. I dare not defy his request.

Tuna : Ok, I understand…

LEE : Thank you for your time and effort.

That night TunaSingh came to tell us his problem and asked us if we could help him to come up with a name that is closely related to “LEE”. After hours of yam Seng, we finally found a name that is 100% suitable to him.

Next day TunaSingh went back to find LEE…

LEE : Eh . . . TunaSingh, I thought I told you we only hire lawyers with names that are closely related to “LEE?’

Tuna : Yes ! That’s the reason why I come back here. To get the job!

LEE : But your name does not have any relations with “LEE..!”

Tuna : Oh don’t you worry! I have consulted my Chinese friends… They say I am a LEE.

LEE : Huh? You are a LEE? What LEE?

Tuna : “Bangga-LEE” Sir!



(No offence to my Punjabi , Singh, Indian readers.

(Author Unknown)

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