A man with family problems decided to consult a Bomoh (witch doctor). The Bomoh told him to come back in two weeks bringing along some sand from his backyard.

So the man went back, and after two weeks, came back with the sample of sand.

The Bomoh performed his rituals and said to the man “I don’t know if you can handle this. The man said “Go ahead. I want to hear it.”

The Bomoh said “The two boys you have are not your sons, your daughter is seeing five different men and your wife is pregnant from your younger brother!”

The man started laughing. The Bomoh asked him why was he laughing after listening to all these bad news.

The man responded, “I don’t know if you can handle this!” The Bomoh said go ahead. The man said, I was running late and I forgot to bring the sand sample from my yard, so I dug out some from your compound.*

( Author Unknown)


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