Picking on Crumbs

“It is obvious that we are a failed state. After the dust has settled, we’d still be suffocating from the drawbacks of statelessness, of polarization, corruption, megalomania, entitlement, quota and many others. Our leaders maneuver like fickle leeches behind their warm smiles and handshakes, I shudder to even think of threats and invasion that could compromise national security. Our politicians has taught us how frail social contracts could be, as each of them controls two decks of cards at any one time. Our country is at the brim of economic depletion yet they happily picked on the crumbs. Their populist maneuvers of treachery and deception even amongst comrades, is now infamous, and leaves a sour taste in our mouths. As we shuffle the deck of cards in our hands, within it are more robbers than there are cops. Boy do I fear.”

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