Hats Off

Quote unquote, None other than Tun. This grand plan has Tun in the background as architect, Muhyiddin as his ears and project architect and Azmin as the clown cum scapegoat. It is devised to make Azmin lose his credibility by technically asking him to head the merger between strange bedfellows with the agreement that Tun will join him but did not and also made the Chinese despise him when he excluded the DAP in the scheme of things. Azmin is a serious contender towards the future PM’s seat which he wanted badly to award it to none other than Mukhriz. Literally, it is a plot to kill Azmin’s political career.

To make it convincing that Azmin is indeed the architect, Tun resigned as PM and PPBM chairman claiming his disassociation and washing his hands off Azmin , but not as Pakatan Chairman. PPBM still has Muhyiddin as President. It is also designed to make PKR lose seats when those who hopped to follow Azmin’s white elephant plot are left in the lurch (which to Tun is the simplest way to gain more members for PPBM when the hoppers fall back). That is why PPBM called for Tun’s reinstatement. It is also the simplest way to get rid of incompetent ministers from his cabinet while retaining his popularity. It is al in the plan. In short, PKR loses more seats therefore power in the supposedly ruling coalition, and to reduce DSAI’s influence and credibility as well, another contender to Mukhriz.

Today Tuanku cast a secret ballot for all the MPs. If done by show of hands, the outcome cannot be manipulated by Tun.

Tun executes everything including timing to perfection. He is the deceiver, the treacher and grandmaster chess player. Really I put his hats off to him.

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