Mediating Party

“The mediating party responsible to form the new government must be seen to be clean, fair, and just to the opposing coalition parties.

Way before that could happen, the mediating party must first and foremost, investigate the nature of one new coalition party comprising loose political parties whose approval under the Societies Act is suspiciously instantaneous considering the time taken to scrutinize their constitution before approval can be given because the announcement for their formation is barely a week old.

Therefore to contest as a coalition and endorsing the Prime Minister of their choice is at best, illegitimate, null and or void.

The rakyat hopes that the rules set before the contesting coalition must be made wisely and done in the true spirit of our Federal constitution. Well are they?

In our constitution, each and every citizen is granted full rights to be treated equally and fairly. Thus, when both opposing coalitions vying to form the government are tested, the rules upon which they are tested upon must preferably be grounded in the truest sense, fair and just, so that it would also reflect well on the mediator. The mediator should also be seen to possess this wisdom and ability, and free from being influenced by unwarranted opinions.

Thus, the MPs whom in this crisis are also rakyats must not be compelled by their own parties nor act under any duress from their respective party to support a candidate not of their choice or not of their own free will.

In that manner, each party in the opposing coalition has no right to call for an en bloc endorsement of a candidate. This is because we should all respect the freedom of opinion granted to every citizen of our country including the freedom of choice as enshrined inside our constitution.

Apart from that, both parties must not be denied reasonable knowledge or have access to relevant facts at hand.

A mediator or the authority who mediates is thus compelled to demonstrate his duty freely and render such assistance when needed by notifying the opposing party and preferably obtain the consent of the opposing coalition before any announcement is made.

If both parties are or has agreed to the results , then can it change hands.

The fate of having a candidate sworn in as the 8th prime minister therefore has no basis and is void. The announcement was premature, the coalition is not legitimate and furthermore it is not based on mutual consent. The fate of not having an audience granted to another legitimate coalition is also questionable.”

Picking on Crumbs

“It is obvious that we are a failed state. After the dust has settled, we’d still be suffocating from the drawbacks of statelessness, of polarization, corruption, megalomania, entitlement, quota and many others. Our leaders maneuver like fickle leeches behind their warm smiles and handshakes, I shudder to even think of threats and invasion that could compromise national security. Our politicians has taught us how frail social contracts could be, as each of them controls two decks of cards at any one time. Our country is at the brim of economic depletion yet they happily picked on the crumbs. Their populist maneuvers of treachery and deception even amongst comrades, is now infamous, and leaves a sour taste in our mouths. As we shuffle the deck of cards in our hands, within it are more robbers than there are cops. Boy do I fear.”

Hats Off

Quote unquote, None other than Tun. This grand plan has Tun in the background as architect, Muhyiddin as his ears and project architect and Azmin as the clown cum scapegoat. It is devised to make Azmin lose his credibility by technically asking him to head the merger between strange bedfellows with the agreement that Tun will join him but did not and also made the Chinese despise him when he excluded the DAP in the scheme of things. Azmin is a serious contender towards the future PM’s seat which he wanted badly to award it to none other than Mukhriz. Literally, it is a plot to kill Azmin’s political career.

To make it convincing that Azmin is indeed the architect, Tun resigned as PM and PPBM chairman claiming his disassociation and washing his hands off Azmin , but not as Pakatan Chairman. PPBM still has Muhyiddin as President. It is also designed to make PKR lose seats when those who hopped to follow Azmin’s white elephant plot are left in the lurch (which to Tun is the simplest way to gain more members for PPBM when the hoppers fall back). That is why PPBM called for Tun’s reinstatement. It is also the simplest way to get rid of incompetent ministers from his cabinet while retaining his popularity. It is al in the plan. In short, PKR loses more seats therefore power in the supposedly ruling coalition, and to reduce DSAI’s influence and credibility as well, another contender to Mukhriz.

Today Tuanku cast a secret ballot for all the MPs. If done by show of hands, the outcome cannot be manipulated by Tun.

Tun executes everything including timing to perfection. He is the deceiver, the treacher and grandmaster chess player. Really I put his hats off to him.