Socialist Republic

“We do not need a non partisan government unless there are backbenchers. But we can have a think tank whose duties are to help our pm solve our day to day problems, decide and determine its directions but the execution is performed by the various local councilors.

We already have Director generals in every single ministry to administrate and determine all the needs. And Ministries cannot stop functioning just because a few goons created a deadlock.

All official correspondences should be handled by a correspondence bureau which encrypts every incoming and outgoing correspondence. All official statements and criticism should be handled by the information bureau. No one is allowed to say anything to the media except for the pm or backbenchers.

But we do need a procurement bureau that handles all required needs sent in by Director generals from the military all the way down to schools. Their standard operating procedure must be 100% competent , transparent and accountable.

Director generals cannot endorse purchases. They can only write in to express their needs but through the approval of the councillors who is tasked to verify its accuracy. Councillors cannot endorse purchases also. They submit to the think tank and through regular meetings , the think tank assesses every single requirement before they are submitted to bank Negara. All procurements beit a box of pencils or one unit of air condition – all needs large or small goes through an open tender process handled by Bank Negara. Long term purchases are restricted to a six months term so as to give ample opportunities to other tenderers.

One single app accessible and enjoyed by everybody takes care of the entire process starting from the dg just like how we track our parcel shipments thus every stakeholder including the dg can monitor it’s progress all the way to when the purchase arrives!

Retire all the politicians and political leeches. Let them find their own way home so that we don’t need to encounter Orang Besars on the road and their entourage of outriders so that they won’t get comfortable and lazy creating disunity with their racial and religious distortion.

Retire also the censorship department.

Return all their Mercedes Benz’s and Bentley’s and large lodges provided by ministries then sell them for a profit. We no longer want to see institutional vehicles being used for personal camping or vacations.

For those not in the know, welcome to the Socialist Republic of Malaysia. In fifty years time, we’d be as rich as Singapore and China?

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