Party Hopping

“If the head doesn’t move, the tail won’t wag.”- A Chinese Saying.

Backward or forward, the events leading to the attempted coup captivates the rakyats imagination over the frail state we are in. Who is right or who is wrong and who are we to believe, all depends on what we know, learnt and experienced and how much of correct information we are input with. Therefore everyone has their own opinion. Our opinions depends on the information we are fed, right or wrong thus people can be engineered to believe in falsehoods. Social engineering can be as subtle a tool or it can be as forceful. People can be changed by aligning them with a school of thought daily or we can make them accept by duress. And they are best done when young.

What is more trying is how each one of us imagine our country to be. That varies from one person to the next. Thus, we must all seek to discern for ourselves as to what is that we want and expect balanced against what is good for the country as a whole so that we can all be of one mind to see our nation move forward. Then, we act on it.

Our actions are a consequence of much deliberation and our intentions are all adhered within the ambit of the laws set. Unless we want to become a bandit. For the fact that many rightful things can be compromised says much about how frail these regulations of ours are when they were drafted and approved to be tabled and passed as law. To the bandits, they explore loopholes to benefit themselves. The question now beckons… are we in the mood to make good these superficial laws without the hassle of getting motions upon motions passed in parliament? And do we have the time and energy to do so?

But can we become that morally correct individual when mass social engineering which began some sixty years ago stressed on the protection of one race by sidelining others and lucrative contracts went to their own pockets mobilising religion, royalty and its entitlement thereof as their shield to thwart criticism whose concessions include the massive awarding of government and government linked contracts some of which stretches till perpetuity, and the ample job opportunities created in the civil service allotted to everyone with or without the proper qualifications or merit?

If not for the current governments safety net assurance given to every civil servant that their job would be retained even if they vote against the former government, the failed state we are brimming on because of foreign debts, the 1mdb fiasco, the abolishment of tolls etc etc, we can rest assure that the old government would be here to stay till kingdom comes.

Then, we also saw political parties sleeping with strange bedfellows whose ideology never for once synchronises all for the sake of winning. But so it was done, and so it was for the Rakyat to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Thus, did we really choose the deep blue sea? Was there even a journey to begin with when the signs say the ships were all docked except for one flying car and a few black shoes meant to insult our IQ and potholes on the road obviously too many to be filled in within a few years? Certainly there were ministries that out performs the rest in KPI but they were few and far in between.

Because of our failing economy, all eyes were on the new government to come out with fresh policies to rescue our economy. Till today. there was none that we could shout about. Instead we hear of consolidations as our ringgit slides against the greenback and retail stores becoming bleak. What was on the books were factors too shameful to announce, and a hole so deep one could dive in to eternity no one imagine it could be rescued or maintained in anyway except from surfing on the ‘no choice’ policies the old government adopted.

The question that beckons is who were responsible for the massive plunder and can fresh procedures halt the plundering ? And are these changes forthcoming?

There is always this misnomer about what powers could bring to a leader and with it, the entitlement believe that the government’s coffer automatically becomes your own personal bank account. One could stop thieves from plunging from the outside by hiring security guards and affixing CCTV’s etc but what is at stake here are the lackaidaisical SOP’s which compromises our government’s coffer. And what are the ways lucrative contracts already awarded or enforced be stopped, annulled or made void? Stricter measures are yet to be seen or announced in public one wonders the transparency.

Where the economy is concern, all eyes were on the Economics Minister and the International Trade & Industry Minister. They should both be given the golden turkey award for their failure to rejuvenate the economy. And another golden turkey for engineering this party hopping thing to save their own arses from getting burnt.

No right-minded leader would be so daring as to betray his own party and his own cabinet in favour of another not unless they are already on the conveyor belt heading for the chopping block because of some fresh developments perhaps. Any which way, actions like this only invites citizens revolt. A popular Chinese saying goes like this “If the head doesn’t move, the tail won’t wag.” Can this be applied to the current fiasco that is happening in front of our eyes right now? Or that we are all cataracted from the unholy truth by deceivers who are all masters of the game?

Today, some leaders created history albeit a big fiasco. What is imminent is that the Rakyat is in a quandary not helped by a plunging composite index. Should the nation sacrifice so much at the expense of these Gobloks whose strangest of mathematical equations bends on populist votes? At this moment, the facets of these bobbleheads are unclear but one thing clearly remains. The economy did not fair well, infighting becomes the agenda for those in power, and there are SOPs to be reviewed and potholes to be filled. Good governance will be our saving grace. But when is that going to happen?

I hope all the Rakyat is as clear as day who we should support and who we don’t. With or without an election brewing or despite the outcome. Too much politicking and everyone is fed-up. Party hoppers whoever they are should be expunged without a blink at the first opportunity. My two cents.

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