Knowledgeable Collectors

“Knowledgeable collectors collect with their eyes, and not their ears. They collect quality works, not names. They seek narratives, not only aesthetics because contemporary art is about narratives. They give artists hope by supporting their artistic journey when they are alive, not only after they are dead. And they look beyond monetary rewards and cheap bargains, allowing the art scene to flourish, instead of attempting to influence or dictate its directions.

Knowledgeable collectors understand that every auction record beit higher or lower becomes a new price benchmark for the same series of any particular artist because auction results are the only publicly available source of reference. They understand that discounts and bargains can only happen backdoor where transactions are discreet so that the artists highest auction record remains but not fluctuate at its whim.

Knowledgeable collectors continually support a high record with another higher record each time an artists work of the same series appear at the auctions. They understand that comparable price records beyond three years are off limit to appraisers whom may risk losing their license for breaking the rules.

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