Silent Killer

( In memory of the victims of coronavirus)

Silently she walks in

To your domain

With a strain in hand

Her alluring fragrance makes

You teary, nose slimy, throat choky

Temperature rises…

She held you captive,

For a moment, then leaves

A sprig in your hand

To baton on…

A melodrama perhaps?

Or a quaint love story?

She knows

That you will do anything for her

As you hung on the cliff

Circumambulating and spinning

Softly she ushers, your mind over

Into the vortex of deep slumber…

No harness, no more sprig

No one knows your secret affair

With that lady who veils your night

A kiss and your mind soothes

A blanketed reflection

Of pale regret

The lady is wicked

She’s a silent killer

No more said.