Breaching Security

“In Malaysia, the building of physical fences are top priority. They are part and parcel of every residential or commercial buildings, beit big or small. Besides that, there’s the cctv and the alarm systems nor forgetting the security personnels tasked to ensure all systems remain in check. These security outfits eats into the budget of every building owners maintenance cost and without them, the occupiers and tenants would feel naked and insecure. But these security measures are all externals. At best they are there to create a false sense of security, arrest vandalism and helps to keep safe whatever goods or valuables the tenants kept inside. An intruders nightmare so to speak. But at worse, they are prying into everyone’s privacy. Eyes follow us around and stops just before the toilet cubicle.

Yet, these security installations could not protect our national coffers from being plundered, even when they are installed to guard safes in the banks. They are plundered by the trusted people we vote in, whom by virtue of their positions, wereduty bound to safeguard them. Those daylight robbers as we call them, don’t even need keys or access codes to the safes. They don’t need to be seen by the surveillance cameras. And even if they were to walk near the safes, the security guards would just let them through, because they are supposedly ‘Orang Besars’. What they possess is called power. And that power ensures that they can consent to transfers, approve grants, and award projects without answering to anyone below them. Vice versa, a directive from above ensures compliance.

Is this how Malaysia operates after the landslide ge14 which brought down the former government?

So, forget about the fences, the cctvs and alarm systems. These fixtures eat into the budget but only aid in externals- forced robberies, burglaries, terrorism, and break-ins. Of course they are necessary.

But they are useless in preventing our national coffers from being plundered internally.

For that, we need to put in place a sophisticated computerized system that could link and monitor all the funds transfers happening in all ministries especially the outgoing ones accessible to everyone.

This idea will be unwelcome by those with the tendency to breach trust what more if it were to be raised in parliament and put to a vote.

That’s the whole trouble.”

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