Human Capital

Education is the benchmark of a progressive nation and its society. More important than infrastructure is the investment in human capital. First world countries invest in talents whilst third world countries invest in false facades meant to cover up their inadequacies. When a country produces talents, higher standards are demanded in policies, both in the government and private sectors as well. Top class doctors, architects, engineers, economists, sportsmen, tech whiz, performers , they are all highly paid and well protected to ensure excellence in everything including healthcare services, top quality entertainment and the bringing home of championship medals. They change the way a country is being run. Government listens to their needs, gave them all the perks and places them as advisers to their specialized field the minute they reach retirement. They bring pride and honor to the country as well as fame unto themselves. That in turn translates to patriotism.

But when a government gives concessions to under-achievers and grooms them into positions their poor mind cannot comprehend yet they pass, we beget laughing storks eventually. I cannot help but ponder how many of our local teachers excel in the subjects they are qualified to teach in because surely, from one generation to another, when educational standards are compromised to ensure the passing rate is high, quality takes a backseat to quantity one cannot imagine year in year out, how many students who were groomed by slip-shot teachers ended up helming top rate positions meant only for the deserving.

A government that lacks talents to teach in schools must allocate enough funds to import top grade teachers to assist them. With the advancement in technology, physical tutoring can be replaced with online methods and that includes exams. They need not necessarily be here when technology as practiced in the US ensures students can be seen at their table in their homes or elsewhere during lessons and electives by the touch of an onscreen button on their computer.

It is disheartening that till today, we are still hearing grouses from students that their dreams were dashed , simply because their parents could not afford the fee structures in private universities to make them doctors , because local universities have no place for them , yet why then, are we admitting tons of foreign students into an arena not big enough for all? And why do others receive grants from our government to be exported out to the Middle East to learn of all things , theology?

All those reasons they gave to ensure students have the right aptitude and attitude to excel in their particular field before their applications are accepted is just hogwash. Maybe certain conditions are useful but the rest are designed as impediments to hidden motives. Everyone excels in what they are keen in , rather than having alternatives shoved down their throat because not only do one loses their equilibrium,many loses their sanctity and some, their fire to excel. Most excuses are suspiciously put in place to cover up questionable agendas which are entirely bizarre and silly. Don’t all of us want truly qualified doctors to diagnose us? Governments should by virtue, allocate enough funds and seats in the universities for everyone who genuinely made the grades like in Germany where education is free and fair to all. If not, how are we to groom talents to ensure our nation stays competitive? Are we in the mood to be served by many aspiring doctors who ended up as technical assistants whilst the slip-shot under-performers become their bosses? Is there no end to this? When are we to wake up?

Can we make this the education departments top priority and national resolution for the year 2020 or that again, your slip shot mind just couldn’t comprehend?

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